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Water Filter Reviews And Tips

Leading health magazines have indicated that millions of Americans get sick each year from drinking contaminated tap water. And bottled water doesn’t seem to be much at a solution to the problem. In many recent studies it’s been found that bottled water is not necessarily any healthier or cleaner than the tap water you drink at home. And yet, there is another more economical solution to this water problem and that is water filtration.

Water filters have been available on the home market for many years, and they actually can take several different forms. Perhaps the most common are those that attach directly to your faucet, and have replaceable cartridges that help filter the water that comes through the faucet. And there are more expensive models that are installed under the sink to filter the water before it even reaches the faucet.

Our examination of the leading consumer review web sites indicate that you can find very good water filtration in either type of water filter system. One of the leading faucet mounted filters was the Pur Vertical 3-stage filter, and one of the best under sink mounted sytems was the Kenmore Dual 38460.

Both faucet mounted filters and under sink filters seem to do a good job on both filtering out contaminants and bad water taste. However, the advantage of the under sink units is that they provide better water flow and their cartridges only have to be replaced every six months or so. Which style or type of water filtration you choose is really up to you.

Having good, clean drinking water is a very important consideration. That’s why we have included water filtration in our home improvement guide. We feel that any investment made in a quality water filtration system will be money well spent.

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