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Renovation Tips To Remember

A government census carried out a few years ago found that over half of homeowners in Australia will look to renovate their property at some stage. It can’t be disputed that renovations offer an excellent opportunity to refresh the home as well repair the old broken down and tired parts of the house. Some of the most popular areas that are usually renovated are the bathroom, kitchen and laundry room. And this is hardly a surprise as these rooms are usually the ones that see the heaviest traffic and use in the household.

While most renovations are done purely for self-use purposes, many are also carried out by homeowners with an eye on adding more value to the house when it’s time to sell the property. Nevertheless, whatever what the reasons are for renovating, there are some basic things to keep in mind before you embark on your project.

General Renovation Tips

  1. Identify what you want to do – Once you have clearly identified the area or room you want to renovate and have an idea of what you want, stick to the plan and set a budget.  Otherwise, you might find yourself being pushed to spend more money and fix more things than you originally intended.
  2. Plan for cost overruns – While sticking to a budget is highly important, the reality is that cost overruns can happen for a variety of reasons and you should prepare for it.
  3. Do your research on renovation builders – Try to speak to as many contractors as you can and be sure to use only HIA members as they adhere to a strict professional code of conduct. Also don’t hesitate to call any references that are given. You should feel totally comfortable with your choice as you will be allowing this person access into your home.
  4. Research materials and designs – It may be bewildering but you should take the time and effort to find out about the correct type of materials and design options for your renovation. This is to ensure that you know what is out there and what you will be getting. The Internet is an excellent place to start.

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