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Why use Ipe wood for decking material?

When choosing what material to use for decking around saunas, hot tubs and swimming pools, Ipe decking is a smart option. The great things about this tropical hardwood are numerous and for homeowners that just want to get this to investment at one time, Ipe wood is the right options today.

As a wooden material exposed to harmful elements and constant subjection to water, Ipe is regarded as the most decay resistant timber. It is proof against insect and mold infestation. In tests performed by the Naval Research Laboratory, Ipe wood which was piled in the ground for 10 years was still immune to termites and gets the highest rating. Even without treatment Ipe can last 50 years. With deck oil coated to the surface, Ipe decking can last 75 plus years. It will be a good return on your long term investment.

the outstanding physical aspects of Ipe the wood is that such decking material can resists mildew, fungi, mold, and insects such as termites and also ants . The Ipe wood is also slip resistant, never have aesthetically displeasing knots, and will never splinter, and this is the reason why the wood can be the perfect option for your decking surface.

Ipe can be left purely natural without having an impact on the durability or quality of the decking and as it can be left untreated without using chemicals or even additives. This is a safe decking for pets and kids.

If you are looking for Ipe decking supplier, Ipe Decking USA is the best supplier providing quality Brazilian hardwood materials for decking. They ship the items to your home or even deliver all ipe to the job site. You will not be bothered with the shipping process. Many contractors or even homeowners are selecting us and it not just due to our outstanding customer support and the top quality of product we offer but also they guarantee the most competitive prices.

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