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Is Your Home Ready to Face the Fall Weather?

While there are many wonderful things that we associate with fall, one of the downsides to the season is the return of its weather. The summer has its own dangers, of course, including summer storms and even hurricanes, but the colder fall air can make rain and storms even more destructive. These storms are joined by the beautiful but messy displays of fall leaves, which fall off of trees only to clog gutters and storm drains. Now that the fall season has officially started, is your home ready to face the weather that’s coming?

The first thing that you should do to prepare your home for the fall is to make sure that your roof is in excellent shape. Even a tiny leak, hole, or missing shingle can allow moisture into your home. And even a small amount of moisture or leak can lead to huge problems over time. A leak can cause mildew or even dangerous black mold, which can lead to serious health issues. Look for a local pro to get your roof back in shape, such as Biebel Brothers roofing if you’re in need of residential roofing st Charles county MO for your home. This will prevent the most common problems that occur due to the fall weather.

Similarly, make sure that your gutters are in good shape before the rains begin. Clean them out and remove any leaves that have collected in them. Fix any cracks or holes in the gutters. Make sure that your downspout is in a good position to prevent any flooding around your home. You can also install a guard over your gutters to prevent future problems with them.

Finally, check out the trees in and around your yard to make sure that they’re not too damaged to stand. A dead or dying tree or tree branch can be very unsafe when there are high winds. Remove damaged branches and tree limbs to avoid having them fall on your home. Then, enjoy the fall season!

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