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More Carpet Cleaning Tips, Lesser Health Issues

A clean house starts with a clean floor. The eyes travel vertically from the focal point downwards. A dirty carpet is an eyesore. Worst of all, dirt spots left untreated can cause mold build up. Cleaning specialists are called in to clean and remove stains on carpets and upholsteries. Their services don’t come cheap. But today there are portable cleaning machines available for sale or rent. You don’t have to rely on a cleaning service company to do the dirty work for you. Home carpet cleaners are systems made portable for home owners and carpet cleaning specialists. You can clean your carpets and upholstery any time you need or want to. You can choose from steam cleaning and dry cleaning machines.

Home carpet cleaners with steam cleaning systems are used for intensive cleaning. These inject liquid solution and water deep into the rug. Loosening attached dirt and grime by dissolving oil and grease that binds particles on the surface and in between fibers. Upon injection of cleaning mixture and water, soft bristled rotating brushes remove the debris and soiled particles. A powerful suction machine included in the system draws all the dirty water off the rug and into a tank. This is by far the most effective method of cleaning carpets and upholstery. The downside is the drying of the rug. If it’s not dried quickly and thoroughly molds and mildew may occur under the carpet. There are home carpet cleaners’ solutions use carbon bubbles to dissolve dirt much like what club soda does to a stain on a shirt. These don’t use soap or detergent based ingredients so it requires less rinsing so it uses less water. These also save on drying time than conventional steam cleaning solutions. Another advantage is less recurrence of soiled spots because there are no left over soap or detergent particles that may attract more dirt.

Another option is dry home carpet cleaners. These use low moisture cleaning method, releasing and spreading a dry cleaning agent onto and in between rug threads. Once the cleaning agent effectively resurfaced the dirt and grime, the built-in suction sucks all the particles. These types of machine are easy to use and require no drying period which is good for households with children and pets. The last and least used type of home cleaning machine is the bonnet. This uses cleaning pads and is similar to a floor buffing machine. Pads are soaked with a cleaning mix that attracts and absorbs the dirt and soiled particles. It cleans mostly the surface area and has no capacity to draw out bits of debris in between threads. After buffing the area, vacuuming helps draw out left over dirt in the carpet. This cleaning device is also more expensive so it’s the least favorite of cleaning professionals.

Whatever cleaning mechanism is used always follow the instruction manual. Always use biodegradable and environment friendly compounds for cleaning that are safe around kids and pets. Keep club soda and other home carpet cleaners’ emergency items in hand for quick tidying of spills and new soiled spots.

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