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Eve light switch – Smartly control your light with iOS devices

The home automation market is on a notable upward trend – I mean it is huge in demand today. Especially with regards to devices like smart light switches, which I really like, you will be asking yourself what you ever did without those devices after they have been installed on your home.

I have just installed a smart light switch in my home and let me tell you that it’s now becoming a must-have device in each of my room. This switch is much like an ordinary switch that can be installed on the wall to control lighting. You can also control the switch with your iOS device through an app or “SIRI”. This enables you to switch on the power from your mobile phone, create schedules, and connect the lights with other automation devices at your home. Before buying this smart ligh switch I highly recommend reading this eve light switch review to ensure that you are familiar with the features offered by this device.

This amazing light switch enables you to wirelessly control and schedule of any light, fan, or appliances in your home and offers various scheduling options sunrise and sunset, 7 days, vacation as well as custom countdowns. The Bluetooth light Switch offers coverage for your entire home by using an app and SIRI in your iOS devices and takes the place of your light switch with hassle-free installation. You will be able to control your home with Eve light switch.

Pairing the Eve Light Switch can be done by simply following the same methods for most Home automation devices ( power on , scan code , follow prompts ) . As the device use Bluetooth for its wireless connectivity, your iOS device must be near the switch you are going to pair them. Thankfully, the pairing process is extremely fast, and can be done within just a few minutes. After getting paired, the device will show as a switch in the Home app and can be adjusted to suit your needs.

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