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Giving The Backyard a Beautiful Upgrade

Back in days of yore, there was a classic style for suburban back yards, which basically consisted of a green lawn and a concrete deck with a small round table and a couple of chairs. The lawn was great for kids to play in, and the deck was a good place for the family to have a glass of lemonade after the kids had finished playing. Though this outdoor layout worked perfectly fine, there was a certain sameness to it that didn’t wear awfully well after awhile. All of this is why today many homeowners are looking for a different way to enjoy their outdoor area.

Embracing a More Classical Style Today many homeowners are taking a cue from some of the better home decorating sites like and magazines like House Beautiful, and mixing things up a little more in the look of their backyards. Where once a simple green lawn would suffice, now some homeowners are adding in small bodies of water like small ponds that can host birds and other creatures. Elegant Italian style running fountains are another lovely addition to a more classical looking outdoor space, as fountains are beautiful and the sound of running water is incredibly soothing. Of course pond aerators and fountains are part of the package as far as these garden additions go, but it’s important for water to be aerated in order for it to stay fresh.

Once a homeowner has established a more classical look for their backyard, the next addition might be italianate style terra cotta pots for flowers. An array of these pots overflowing with flowers adds incredible elegance to a backyard setting, and will make it a place the whole family (and their friends) will want to spend a lot of time in. Sure, rethinking the backyard is a big job, but if done right, it’ll be a place where lots of fun and laughter are sure to take place.


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