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3 Signs Your Fence Is In Need of Repair

Maintenance is an important part of extending the life of a fence. Keep an eye out for some of these signs that you may be in need of the sort of fence repair Columbus Ohio sees most commonly.


Wooden fences are most susceptible to rot. While wet rot is possible in any outdoor wooden fence, it is more likely in some specific types of wood — particularly spruce, hemlock and fir. As these types of wood are a bit softer, they make it all the easier for fungus and deterioration to take hold. If you spot parts of your fence succumbing to rot, don’t panic; wooden fences can be replaced in segments. A fence can still be salvaged section by section before it needs to be replaced entirely when rot is caught with enough advance notice.

Loose Parts

Over time, pieces of your fence can be loosened. Keep an eye on nails, screws and connectors, and check that these parts of the construction are not missing or damaged. Repairing any loose parts is a great way to maintain the overall integrity of the fence.


If you notice that your fence has started to angle in an unusual direction, don’t hesitate to address it. There are a few causes for a fence to lean off-center, but the most likely source of the problem is in the fence posts. While an imbalance is sometimes due to fence post holes not being dug deep enough to stay grounded, the cause can also be weather-related. Especially after weather-filled winters, it may be time to check the fence posts and re-stabilize the posts as necessary.

If you spot any of these issues, it’s likely time to consider contacting a professional fence repair service. A qualified contractor can help you identify not only the problem but also the most efficient and stress-free way to solve it.


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