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The Value of Local Stores

In the age of the internet, people buy everything from toilet paper to cars online. Why would you want to shop for furniture in a local store? Online shopping has several disadvantages. If you have searched for “furniture stores near me,” chances are that you appreciate the value of an in-person shopping experience in a physical store.

See Furniture Before You Buy

Online descriptions can be misleading and difficult to interpret. The color “black” appears differently depending on the particular paint mix. It’s better to see  a desk in person and determine that the color and style fits your decor. If you have a small item like a pillow that you’re trying to match, you can bring it with you to the store. You can also confirm the furniture measurements. You’ll also see exactly how the drawers open, how high the seats are, and how well the dimensions fit your body size. 

Easier Returns

If you have a problem with a piece of furniture, it’s easier to talk to employees at a physical store and ask them to take back a table or couch. Online retailers must arrange with a third party service to pick up the furniture, or you have to pack it up yourself and ship.

Save on Delivery Costs

Most furniture, being bulky and heavy, costs more to ship than a few books. If a site offers free shipping to customers, they have had to build the costs of shipping into the price of their items. Plus, the business could be located hundreds of miles from you and not know your area well enough to offer a delivery service customized to your needs. A local furniture store’s employees know your neighborhood and tailors your delivery to you.

Before you submit that shopping cart, stop into a local furniture store first and see for yourself the advantages of in-person advice, inspecting the furniture, easier returns, and better delivery experiences.


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