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Types of Table Saw – A Woodworker Must Know

A table saw also referred to as a saw-bench is a sawing tool designed for woodworking. This type of saw includes a circular blade, installed on a table and is driven by an electric motor. The saw blade can be modified up or down to determine the depth of the cut.

The saw blade can even be tilted laterally to control the cutting angle. A rip guide is placed on the table. The rip guide is a barrier which can be placed closed to or farther away from the blade.

Based on some articles that I found at , the most common types of table saws are contract, bench-top, hybrid, and cabinet table. Bench-top’s are light-weight and made to be installed on a tough table for safe usage. These kinds of table saws are really affordable but they are the least capable of cutting the harder wood. They are usually used by construction areas due to their size.

Contract saws are larger and heavier than bench top saws but come with a stand, and sometime with wheels. This table saw is often used by hobbyists and DIY homeowners because of its affordability and simple circuits can provide enough power to run it.

Cabinet saws are heavier when compared with the other table saws to minimize vibration when cutting the wood, a problem usually found in the bench saws. The cabinet saw come with a closed cabinet made from large amounts of cast iron and steel.

Hybrid saws are made to compete in market settings with the contractor saws. Hybrid table saw offer some benefits of cabinet saws like improved dust collecting. This type of table saw is usually midway in weight between cabinet and contractor table saws. For more details about this type of table saw you can check Dewalt DWE7491RS 10-Inch Table Saw Review .

Many aspects will lead to injuries due to this machine. Not reading manual and alert labels before use, making saw blade projected above table when not being used. Keeping power connected to the table saw and push stick is advisable to push wood across the stick are good examples. Kickback can happen when the wood gets captured the blade and is thrown towards the user, this might certainly injure the users. The most typical cause of this is the wood pinching the blade due to internal pressure. Table saws can be quite safe and helpful when correctly used.

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