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Various Materials Used For Commercial Roofing

Commercial roofing is installed over commercial buildings or factories to shield the roofs against various leakages, hot sunlight, and water falling. It is quite essential for the materials used for the roof should be durable and enough powerful to hold up against the brutality of the weather conditions. The materials must be maintenance free to help you save the costs of renovating the roof repeatedly.

And listed below are the many different roofing materials installed by Commercial Roofers Louisville KY:


Metal is one of the most common types of material chosen for commercial building. These sheets of steel can certainly protect against the destructive impacts of moisture efficiently and that they are typically coated with zinc or even other moisture protecting elements.

Polyvinyl Chloride

Polyvinyl chloride or PVC has become one of the best alternatives for roof covering in commercial buildings, where the interiors easily gets heated up . The reason is that PVC roofs are mostly white or light colored that helps prevent the heat absorption by reflecting sunlight. And also this leads to decreased energy bills.


EPDM is a chemically based material which is artificially manufactured by mixing polymers , ethylene as well as other chemicals . Based on various experts, it is the most hard-wearing material designed for commercial building. Among the most crucial factors which make EPDM a good roofing material is that it really can provide amazing protection of the commercial buildings against extreme ultraviolet rays and ozone.


PIC or Polyisocyanurate provides more advanced capabilities and benefits than EPDM. Aside from giving protection against extreme ultraviolet rays , the PIC is really efficient protect against fire and moisture , thus being a first-rate roofing material for commercial building that has the business of flammable chemicals .


Even though bitumen or asphalt works great for the constructions of roads instead of those roofs, contractors consider them as an amazing roofing material by coating them with special polymers. Like EPDM, bitumen can be purchased in large rolls which must be spread to cover the entire surface of commercial roofing.

The selection of materials should be done based on your allocated budget and specific requirements, only after considering the advantages and disadvantages of each roofing material.

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