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A Mini-Guide to Industrial Pressure Testing

Any time you install new pipes, it is important to perform an industrial pressure test. If you aren’t sure what this is or who to call to help you complete the task, don’t worry. This mini-guide will provide the information you need to start your project.

The Purpose of Industrial Pressure Testing

Industrial pressure testing, which is sometimes referred to as hydrostatic testing, is necessary after you install a pipeline but before you begin to use it. The test allows you to know the pipe’s limits in terms of its maximum capacity, leaks, pressure gauges, reliability, and joint fittings. This way, you can be sure the pipeline meets all legal and safety requirements.

How the Test Is Performed

Pipeline testing is done according to either the customer’s specifications or if the customer has no preference, to the industry’s specifications. The tester fills the pipe with an incompressible liquid, which is typically either oil or water. From there, he or she examines the pipe for leaks, changes to their shape, or other abnormalities. Adding dye to the liquid makes it easier to test. When it comes to pressure testing, the tester uses more than would be used under normal operating procedures to ensure the pipeline can accommodate unexpected rises in pressure and create a maximum safety level.

Who Performs Industrial Pressure Testing

Industrial pressure testing is performed by experienced professionals such as the ones available at The company that performs testing on your pipelines should know how to work with pipes of various sizes and materials. Their pressure-related testing methods may include proof pressure, burst testing, leak testing, and many more. Seek out companies that are licensed, experienced, and insured in order to obtain the best results.

Now that you know a little more about industrial pressure testing, you just need to hire someone to perform the tests. Hiring true professionals expedites the process, so you can start using your new pipe system as soon as possible.

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