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Paul Marney & Co – The best place to find extremely fine rugs in UK

Rugs are good for your home or office, especially if you are trying to give an elegant and cozy touch to the room. Rugs can also add a bit of charm and color. By visiting an online rug store, you will find numerous types of rugs from the comfort of your home. Area rugs are available in a beautiful selection of stunning designs, colors and fabric. Colors for rugs usually include earth tones like red and brown to colorful and lighter hues. Oriental, Persian, Navajo and Nepalese ones usually come with traditional motifs, while fashionable ones have contemporary and flamboyant designs.

Fine rugs add beauty and comfort to your home or office, and can be a great accessory when you host parties or family gathering. If you are looking to add a joyful look to your house, Nepalese fine rugs can be a good idea. Before shopping for fine rugs online, determine what exactly you need from the rug and then browse from the numerous choices. 

If you are living in UK and you are looking for the best rug store in UK that offers extremely fine rugs? Paul Marney & co can be the right place to visit. This rugs store will open soon and will provide impressive inventory of the quality rugs. This store will carry a colorful array of Nepalese area rugs that have been crafted by artisans in Nepal.

Most of the rugs in the Paul Marney & co store were made of solid, natural fibers such as wool and silk, which are widely known for their softness, beauty, and strength, along with their resistance to filth and moisture. Often times, the pieces are made of fine wool from reliable farm-raised sheep in Nepal, woven by hand (no machines or factories) , and might spend around 6 months or more to make .  These rugs have an opaque texture, effective for keeping your floor warm in a cold environment.

As their online store is still under construction, you can still visit their instagram page for more details about the Fine Rugs they offer.


Paul Marney & Co

Instagram  : @paulmarneylondon


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