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The Bedroom – Your Place for relax

Some aspects of your home simply need to be perfect, and for most of us, the master bedroom falls into that category. I have shown homes for years now, and nothing provides the “wow” factor like an incredible master suite. It needn’t be a big room to be beautiful. You should lay your head down in a room where you feel secure and happy. A bedroom can be a place that you can make your own, decorating it tastefully with artwork, posters, or wallpaper.

From the Ground Up

Let’s start with the floors. I know most of the time I’m in my bedroom, I’m barefoot. I love the feel of a soft carpet. If the carpet in your bedroom is getting ratty, consider replacing it. I recently replaced the carpet in my home; it’s a big project, but a doable one. If you’re not up to the task of replacing the carpet, tear it out and see what’s underneath! Often beautiful wood floors are just waiting to be discovered. You could install wood flooring (which is very easy) and then lay down a large area rug.

The Walls

The walls of your bedroom are the first thing you will see in the morning and the last thing you’ll see at night. You will want them to instill peace and comfort in you. A simple cream color if you like white or a dark green or brown if you love darker colors will set your mind at ease. Avoid too many colors; it can make a room looked cramped.

The Bed and Other Furniture

There is nothing like falling into your own bed after a high-stress day. All too often it leads to you falling asleep fully clothed! A bed that matches the room is essential to the balance of the whole area. Matching furniture will complete the ensemble. Hardwood dressers against a white or cream wall are very tasteful. If you have dark walls, try finding lighter furniture to offer a bit of contrast. Whatever your dream bedroom, you can do it yourself with a bit of hard work and research!

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