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Monthly Archive: September 2019

My best places to buying furniture online

One of my least favorite tasks, next to purchasing a car, is buying furniture. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy decorating my house with new pieces or accessories; I just do not enjoy running around from furniture store to furniture store looking at pieces or accessories. And, my husband, who truly enjoys decorating, does not have the time to run around looking either.

Since we both work in the online industry, we wholly advocate the use of online sites and/or catalogs to purchase home furnishings, from large furniture pieces to accessories, so much so that a good amount of the past year’s purchases have been made online.

Many of our friends cannot comprehend how we can purchase furniture without feeling it; we cannot comprehend why you have to touch a piece of furniture to appreciate its workmanship. We are reasonably proficient in reading the online descriptions and being able to recognize quality furniture. (more…)

High Tech Kitchen

The kitchen has long been the gathering place in my home for many family get togethers. Regardless of ample seating in other parts of the house, for some odd reason, when we all get together, it seems that everyone migrates to the kitchen to carry on our conversation, no matter how big or small the space.

In fact, many conversations were spawned by the collage of pictures on my refrigerator or the new magnets displayed. While my spouse thought this to be somewhat of a tacky display, this magnetic display tradition ended when we purchased a new home that came with a stainless steel refrigerator. No magnets sticking to that.

Kitchens today are being designed as the newest entertainment centers with many housing under-the-counter DVD players, TV’s and MP3 players (more…)

Three Big Kitchen Renovation Ideas in Florida

Looking to do a kitchen renovation in sarasota fl, but lacking inspiration? If you’ve got a budget to burn and space to play, consider some of these fun and unique ideas to transform the heart of your home.

Outdoor Extension

A warm state like Florida is the perfect place for indoor/outdoor dining and cooking. The weather is nice enough almost year round to accommodate this lifestyle. All you need are some french doors- they can open up onto a patio area which will include a dining table and outdoor kitchen. (more…)

Easy Tips to Transform Your Backyard Into an Oasis

For people who like to entertain, there is no better place to have your get-together than in the comfort of your own backyard. If your yard looks less than perfect, though, there are many options available that can freshen up the style of your landscape or add a whole different vibe. Whether you are looking for some serious party space, a place where kids and adults can play together, or a quiet oasis just beyond the back door, these simple tips will have you well on your way to the backyard entertaining space you’ve always hoped for.

The Patio 

If you have a deck or patio space, clean it off and repair any damage it has taken over time. Power washing is a great way to quickly blast away any dirt or old paint that is bringing down the look of the space. (more…)

Keeping the Farming Dream Alive

It is becoming harder and harder for farms to remain profitable in today`s economy. Almost half of all of the farms operating within the United States report negative income each year. Much of this is attributed to households that operate smaller farms, as they struggle to remain profitable in the midst of a tech-driven society with fancy, expensive equipment helping large farms succeed. Rising costs in livestock, fuel, farm services, and even labor are also making it harder to get the profit they need to operate.

The Labor Numbers

During the year 2016, the typical American farmer spends an average of $16,600 on labor. Only a year later, that average increase of about $1200. If a farm is in the right location, (more…)