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Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Although it is probably the smallest room in your house, the bathroom can be one of the most exciting rooms to remodel. It is also one of the most popular spaces that people choose to update, and it can get expensive. There are some changes you can make that won’t break the bank though. Try some of these ideas.


Installing a new vanity can drastically change the appearance of the room. You can actually buy these at your local home improvement store or find lots of options online. If you’d rather not get a vanity, you can have new cabinets installed instead. You’ll need to decide what type of countertops you want beforehand. Granite countertops Lewisville TX is one of the more popular choices, but laminate is less expensive.


Painting the bathroom can help it look brand new and should only take you a few hours. Most people choose to go with a neutral color, but you can get some paint samples to bring home and decide what you like best. Your local paint store should have plenty of samples for you to try out.


Going with something less traditional can make your bathroom look unique. Patterned tiles are an elegant choice and you may even be able to do the job yourself. Just make sure that whatever tiles you decide on are sturdy and won’t chip or stain easily. Bathroom floors frequently get wet, so you want to choose something that will hold up for a long time.

While you may be able to do some of these yourself, consider hiring a contractor to help you. It will be more expensive, but it can help ensure that the job is done right. If you simply can’t afford that at the moment, look online for DIY videos to help you through this project.

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