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Fighting Pests That Love Your Home

Life can be busy for most people, and the last thing you want to do is search your home for pests, but that is exactly what you should do twice a year if you don’t want to allow uninvited roommates to move in with you. Here are three of the most common pests that would love to take over your home.


As cute as the little critters are, a squirrel can be unbelievably destructive to your house. Chewing their way into your home, they can quickly build nests that are soon filled with urine and feces from their young brood. Because they love to gnaw, they can tear their way through your home’s joists, insulation, and wiring. In fact, they are thought to be responsible for approximately 25 percent of home fires with a mysterious origin.

Carpenter Ants

It may take carpenter ants two or three years to establish a fully thriving community of workers, but once they settle in, the nest can be very difficult to eradicate. As one of the largest ants in the United States, they range in size from 1/4 to 1/2 of an inch in length, with colonies that have between 15,000 and 20,000 workers. They feed at night on living or dead insects and any sugary substance they can find, but they make trails through your home’s wooden structure to get to their food source. Contact carpenter ants Dallas OR exterminators at the first sign of the dangerous pests.


One of the most damaging of all pests in any home, mice are also extremely unhealthy roommates. The mouse’s urine contains viruses and microorganisms that are harmful to humans, and no matter where the mouse walks, they spread the urine or pause to urinate whenever they choose to. That means your floors, cabinets, and inside kitchen drawers can all become bacteria laden with only a single mouse running through your home.

Check your house for signs of pests at least twice a year. If you see anything, call for help as soon as possible.

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