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DIY Hardwood Floor Cleaner

This week I have a great tip for making homemade hardwood floor cleaner using a few simple ingredients you probably already have around the house. That’s what we’re talking about on this week’s tidbit.

I love my hardwood floors to be shiny and clean but I find a lot of the store bought products leave them looking dull and they don’t get them really clean. And if it’s one thing I absolutely cannot stand, it’s spending money on products that are subpar; especially when I can get better results making them myself. You will need 2 cups of water (or warm water) a 3rd of a cup of white vinegar & a quarter cup of rubbing alcohol. This is great for disinfecting but also helps it to evaporate quickly once applied to the floor.

A small squirt of dish soap or castile soap here I’m using castile soap. And 5-8 drops of essential oil, this is optional. Add all ingredients to a spray bottle and give it a good shake. Vacuum your hardwood before cleaning to make sure all of the dust has been removed. Spray the hardwood cleaner on the floor and use a damp cloth or a damp mop to wipe it very well. It’s important the floor isn’t sopping wet – it should be damp after you’ve wiped it. Your floors will not only look shiny and clean but they will feel clean too. I hope you enjoyed this week’s tidbit and if you try out this recipe I would love to hear your feedback on how you liked it.


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