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How To Tell You Need to Refinish Your Floors

When you bought your house, the original hardwood floors were part of why you loved it so much. Those sturdy floors have seen a lot over their lifetime — and sometimes it shows. Being able to retain the nostalgia in the hardwood floors can help your home stay looking refreshed and updated for years to come, but if you start to notice that they’re looking a little worse for the wear then it might be time to refinish them.

There Are Significant Scratches and Dents

A little scuff on the original floors looks cool and can help to tell the house’s story. It’s such a sought-after look that even brand new floor models like Monarch Plank Storia II mimic the look of weathered wood to give the home a shabby chic motif. However, there is a difference between scuff marks that add to the aesthetic and scratches so deep they discolor the wood and make guests wonder what the heck happened there.

If there are dents and scratches that make the floor look like a squatter has started taking up residence there, it’s time to even them out and make it look like one cohesive unit again. You can rent industrial-sized sanders from your local hardware store to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

They Are Patchy and Uneven

If you live in a very old home with floors that match its age, chances are that a plank or two has been patched in over the years. When done well this can be a clever fix and only the sharpest eyes will catch the difference, but if there are very large spots with sloppy patch jobs then you have a different problem. Rather than sand and refinish those spots, now is the perfect time to cut them out of your floors and replace them with all matching material. Once you sand and stain the rest of your floors, the new planks and patched-in spots will blend right in.

Your floors can take a lot of abuse, but don’t let them show it. Know when it’s time to refinish your floors.

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