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Magnetic termite mound

If you drive through this country, you’ll notice these things. Now, sure they’re the average looking termite mound, but these ones are a little bit special. They’re called a magnetic termite mound. And the termites inside can actually build their nest using the magnetic fields of the earth.

So they’ll actually build their nest to capture the sun’s rays. So the sun obviously, east-west, and the mound, its thinnest point will run north, south. So you can imagine if you were lost in the bush, and you were running’ through this country. You’re lost. You’ve got no compass. You could actually use this termite mound to give you direction. I’ve just got a compass here, and I’m just going to do a bit of a check, so that’s magnetic north there, and that’s the thinnest part of the mound.

So it’s narrow, and the widest part obviously faces east and west, which is the sun. Now you can imagine, it could be a really good practical tool, because I know that that’s north. That means over there’s the ocean, and over there’s inland. And that way, down south.

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