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Prevent Furniture To Scratching Hardwood Floors

Today I’m going to explain how to keep your furniture from scratching your hardwood floors. If you’re in a situation where you’re moving into a house or just rearranging a room. You have hardwood floors then you’re going to need to think about how to protect those hardwood floors from the furniture and how to prevent the furniture from scratching the hardwood floors.

Basically there’s one surefire way to do this and it is a felt pad. Basically when you have a piece of furniture and you have hardwood floors you have to figure out where the furniture touches the hardwood floors. That point is going to be what you want to protect and the size of that point is going to determine the size of the felt pad that you choose. Basically felt pads come in a couple of different sizes. You’ve got rectangular ones; you’ve got circular ones, you’ve got different shapes and different sizes of all. so depending on how many points of contact the furniture has with the hardwood floor will depend on how many different felt pads you’ll need and it will depend on what shape each felt pad will be well.

Each felt pad is going to come with its own adhesive and it’s on the back of the felt pad. There’s a white sticker you want to pull the white sticker off and that will unveil the adhesive on the back of it. The adhesive isn’t very strong. so what you’re going to really need to do is get some sort of construction adhesive a super glue even silicone works but basically you want to have a glue and add just a little dollop to the backside and then take the felt pad and stick it to the furniture you’re going to want to let it dry for a couple of hours and then you are ready to turn the furniture upright and then it will not scratch your hardwood floors.

Now you can invite all your family and friends over to enjoy your wonderful new furniture without any fear of scratching your hardwood floors.

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