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4 Reasons Why Fiberglass Is an Effective Insulator

Installing or touching up your fiberglass insulation is going to be an important part of what you do to insulate your home. Here are a few reasons why fiberglass insulation is so effective.

Extreme Insulation Efficiency

Pittsburgh fiberglass insulation is so effective, in part, because it conducts heat 800 times less than materials like aluminum. That’s why it’s perfect for insulating windows and other common places where a house loses heat.

Minimal Heat Expansion

Fiberglass doesn’t expand very much due to heat, which helps put less pressure on windows, doors, and other areas in the house. This means that the house materials will last longer.

Eco-friendly Insulation

Fundamentally, fiberglass is made out of glass. Glass is actually made from sand, which means that the resource primarily used for this kind of insulation is completely natural, easy to find, and requires almost no effort to obtain. It also won’t deplete the Earth of resources since no one is going to run out of sand anytime soon. This makes fiberglass a highly sustainable insulation option. Plus, Fiberglass actually often earns Energy Star ratings and helps with Green Globe ratings for LEED.

Highly Flexible Insulating Material

There’s a reason why fiberglass is used so often. It works well for construction, replacement, remodeling and many other applications. It’s highly effective at reducing heat, easy to make and good for the environment, so it will work in a wide number of instances without the need to hunt around a lot for some other insulating material.

Overall, fiberglass is going to be key for providing the best insulation for a building, regardless of what that building is. That’s why it’s important to keep up with fiberglass insulation to make sure all the buildings you’re responsible for have the best and most efficient energy use possible at their disposal.

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