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3 Things That Can Damage a Home

It is said that a man’s home is his castle, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that keeping up a house’s appearance takes a king’s effort. A homeowner’s work is never done, as he or she always seems to be in some stage of inspecting, installing, repairing, painting, staining or cleaning. Despite one’s best efforts, damage to a home is unavoidable, and oftentimes Mother Nature is the culprit. Here are some of the biggest potential problems facing homeowners.


It is estimated that mold could plague half of American households. The problem is more than a cosmetic issue, however. When left untreated, mold can eat through carpets and wallpaper and even lead to wood rot, which may eventually cause floorboards to cave and ceilings to collapse. Mold also is responsible for a variety of health issues including allergic reactions and breathing difficulties.


Insects and rodents can infest even the cleanest and most well-preserved homes. Mice can enter through a hole as small as a dime, and once present, they will chew through insulation, electrical wiring and even water pipes. They also spread disease, as can insects such as cockroaches, fleas and mosquitoes. Some of the most serious problems come from wood-boring insects. Termites and some species of beetle actually eat wood, while carpenter ants simply remove wood in order to create nests and tunnels, but all put a home’s structural integrity at risk. If you suspect a wood-boring insect has invaded your home, hire a professional exterminator to perform termite inspections Atco NJ or in your area.

Ice Dams

Ice dams are a common concern among homeowners in the northern states. Typically the result of improper attic ventilation, ice dams cause shingles to crack and break off, putting the roof in danger of water leaks. Ice dams also can cause gutters to bend and sag.

Nature is beautiful, but it also can be destructive. From fungus to fauna to weather phenomena, homes are at risk of its harmful effects.

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