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Cleaning the clogged dyer vent

Dryer vents become clogged or dirty through the years. Lint from human and animal hair and clothing, and anything we left in our pockets mostly survive in the washing machine. As clothes trip around in the dryer, this lint of clothes turns out to be air born. Since the air from the dryer travels through the air circulation system the moist lint and debris will follow. Lint getting damp while it escapes has a possibility to stick with the outer surfaces of the air circulation system. The lint at some point reduces the circulation of air making the dryer keep working harder and can stop the air from getting away altogether.

If the dryer vents are clogged the hot air which is meant to escape will be impossible. This means that that the moist air is getting into the house. The result could be mold problems and it will also lead to allergy issues. (more…)

Quick Kitchen Upgrades

You may have been toying with the idea of remodeling your kitchen, but there’s just not room in the schedule or budget to make it happen. That doesn’t mean you have to settle for what you have altogether. Here are a few small changes you can make to improve the space and thus your enjoyment of it.

New Appliances

If it’s been years since you bought a new refrigerator or stove, it may be time to upgrade. You don’t have to wait until an appliance dies completely to replace it. Shop around to find new gems with the features that you like. Compare consumer ratings to make sure you are getting a good deal, and purchase when you are ready to commit. (more…)

Building a new home – What to tell your builder

Clear, direct communication is a key ingredient in smooth and successful homebuilding. After you have selected a builder and he has accepted the project, he will expect you to give him as much specific information as you can about the kind of house you want, inside and out.

Most of this information should be thought through carefully; many details may require research on your part. Here is a sampling of some of the elements you need to decide on and communicate to your builder early in the process:

Budget. One of the most important pieces of information you can give the builder is the budget. How much money can you afford to spend? Be honest and realistic about that figure. Many builders, through experience, can look at home plans and estimate how much a house will cost to build in a particular square footage. So be prepared to tell the builder up front how much you want to spend. If the plans you have go over your budget, a good builder will work with you to modify them to meet your needs or set you in the right direction as to what type of house you should look for that you can really afford. (more…)

Planning a House Based on Your Lifestyle

Reading the blueprints isn’t the difficult part. Relating them to how you live is. Most often overlooked by homeowners are the electrical plans. Seemingly small details, such as the number of outlets and switches, and where they are located, play a large role in how comfortable you will be in your new home. When you study your plans, think about what works well for you in your daily routine now, and what doesn’t, so you can decide how you want to accomplish these tasks in the future.

Whether both spouses make the final decisions or one takes charge, it is also important that both examine the blueprints. Men and women usually perform different tasks at home and have different perspectives on what makes a space convenient and comfortable. Ask yourself questions such as these: (more…)

Giving The Backyard a Beautiful Upgrade

Back in days of yore, there was a classic style for suburban back yards, which basically consisted of a green lawn and a concrete deck with a small round table and a couple of chairs. The lawn was great for kids to play in, and the deck was a good place for the family to have a glass of lemonade after the kids had finished playing. Though this outdoor layout worked perfectly fine, there was a certain sameness to it that didn’t wear awfully well after awhile. All of this is why today many homeowners are looking for a different way to enjoy their outdoor area.

Embracing a More Classical Style Today many homeowners are taking a cue from some of the better home decorating sites like and magazines like House Beautiful, and mixing things up a little more in the look of their backyards. Where once a simple green lawn would suffice, now some homeowners are adding in small bodies of water like small ponds that can host birds and other creatures. (more…)