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Remember Three Easy Tips to Help Make Your Next Home Renovation Less Stressful

The joys of home ownership include the freedom to redecorate in any way imaginable to expose visitors to a unique style and taste all your own. Of course, those who are trained in the art of interior design are more capable of achieving this goal than the average citizen. That is why it is important to solicit the expertise of these professionals in the task of bringing a new level of refinement to any home.

Find the Right Resources

In addition to picking a designer capable of handling the task, it is also important to procure high end furniture San Francisco from a retailer or other source with a great reputation. Look online for those businesses that have superb reviews or rely on the recommendations of trusted friends, (more…)

How To Tell You Need to Refinish Your Floors

When you bought your house, the original hardwood floors were part of why you loved it so much. Those sturdy floors have seen a lot over their lifetime — and sometimes it shows. Being able to retain the nostalgia in the hardwood floors can help your home stay looking refreshed and updated for years to come, but if you start to notice that they’re looking a little worse for the wear then it might be time to refinish them.

There Are Significant Scratches and Dents

A little scuff on the original floors looks cool and can help to tell the house’s story. It’s such a sought-after look that even brand new floor models like Monarch Plank Storia II mimic the look of weathered wood to give the home a shabby chic motif. However, there is a difference between scuff marks that add to the aesthetic and scratches so deep they discolor the wood and make guests wonder what the heck happened there. (more…)

My best places to buying furniture online

One of my least favorite tasks, next to purchasing a car, is buying furniture. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy decorating my house with new pieces or accessories; I just do not enjoy running around from furniture store to furniture store looking at pieces or accessories. And, my husband, who truly enjoys decorating, does not have the time to run around looking either.

Since we both work in the online industry, we wholly advocate the use of online sites and/or catalogs to purchase home furnishings, from large furniture pieces to accessories, so much so that a good amount of the past year’s purchases have been made online.

Many of our friends cannot comprehend how we can purchase furniture without feeling it; we cannot comprehend why you have to touch a piece of furniture to appreciate its workmanship. We are reasonably proficient in reading the online descriptions and being able to recognize quality furniture. (more…)

Three Big Kitchen Renovation Ideas in Florida

Looking to do a kitchen renovation in sarasota fl, but lacking inspiration? If you’ve got a budget to burn and space to play, consider some of these fun and unique ideas to transform the heart of your home.

Outdoor Extension

A warm state like Florida is the perfect place for indoor/outdoor dining and cooking. The weather is nice enough almost year round to accommodate this lifestyle. All you need are some french doors- they can open up onto a patio area which will include a dining table and outdoor kitchen. (more…)

Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Although it is probably the smallest room in your house, the bathroom can be one of the most exciting rooms to remodel. It is also one of the most popular spaces that people choose to update, and it can get expensive. There are some changes you can make that won’t break the bank though. Try some of these ideas.


Installing a new vanity can drastically change the appearance of the room. You can actually buy these at your local home improvement store or find lots of options online. If you’d rather not get a vanity, you can have new cabinets installed instead. You’ll need to decide what type of countertops you want beforehand. Granite countertops Lewisville TX is one of the more popular choices, but laminate is less expensive.


Painting the bathroom can help it look brand new and should only take you a few hours. (more…)