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Things To Consider Before Building a Pool

Convincing your spouse to let you build a pool is exciting, but with all that fun, you can forget the reasons your loved one may not have wanted to do it in the first place. It is not to say you won’t love your new outdoor space once you get the little details figured out; however, here are a few things to consider before building a pool.

When Will You Start?

There are many convincing arguments on which specific season you should build your pool in; some said fall and others spring. Although, the reasoning was all the same. You want to avoid digging a pool during the summer months so that you can take advantage of better prices and more availability from pool building professionals. (more…)

Reasons to Install a Chain Link Fence

Chain link fence is one of the best fencing materials for most commercial, industrial, public facilities and government. Due to its strength, durability and various options, properly installed chain link fences offer a great safety barrier to prevent animals and people entering potentially sensitive or dangerous structures such as mine sites or electrical substations, while other install chain link fences for highway projects, airports security, baseball fields, tennis courts, military bases and more. The open interweave of the wiring makes it possible for optimum transparency to observe activities either outside or inside of the fencing.

Due to it is made of metal; this type of fence will not bend, producing a tight barrier. Fencing for industrial and commercial places has posts with a much larger diameter and bulkier wall pipe to increase strength.

An extra benefit of chain link fence is value-for-money. When compared with other fencing options with similar visibility and strength benefits such as wrought iron, chain link fence are more affordable. However , correct installation is considered necessary to boost the durability and function of the fence.  (more…)

Protecting outdoor furniture with Chalk Pain

I’m here to show you how to lacquer small chair for the garden. She’s a really beautiful little one, it’s pretty old, I painted it. I’m going to suggest you either use this brush or this one might be good because there’s quite a lot of texture in it.So I stir, I’m going to use it matt varnish, remember that this is the varnish that’s got UV protection in it, so this colour is going to stay its gorgeousness and it won’t fade. So a little bit into there, I could be using it directly from there but I quite like to be able to make certain that it is all stirred and I poured that in.

I don’t have to do it straight from there. So it’s just really a question of brushing. So I can get in there with this brush it’s really nice you can get into all the nooks and crannies all over and that’s it really. It’s as simple as that there’s no secret, there’s no magic, it’s just doing this and that’s it protected. You might want to do two coats, I wouldn’t do any more than that, two is probably because you’ll miss a bit and that’s it. (more…)

Tips for Turning Your Backyard Into an Outdoor Showroom

Having a backyard space that is well appointed and tastefully decorated is a goal for those who like to host parties and entertain alfresco. There’s no law that says your backyard or open-air terrace can’t be as fabulous as a living room display at a high-end furniture store showroom. With a few changes, you can get started on turning your outdoor space into a stunning area where you’ll love spending time with family and friends.

Adding a Deck

Upgrade your paved patio with a brand new deck. You have a well-defined space to add open-air living and dining furniture to help you enjoy the great outdoors. If you have a backyard that is not well demarcated, has rough terrain or other unusable areas, such a buildout is your canvas for beautifying the space. Consult a provider of deck systems with adjustable deck supports to explore your options. (more…)

Wetland treatment system on Barratta Creek

Barratta Creek has experienced some water quality exceedences so we thought it would be a really important site to actually trial a constructed wetland treatment system. So we’re looking at ways of moving back up through the catchment and intercept the nutrients and sediment that finding their way to the reef. This was a borrow pit before so we saw as an opportunity to repurpose something that was already here without impinging on productive land. The difference is now we are slowing that water down and intercepting it. Before the water probably came in and out in – maybe in an hour or two. We are wanting to hold it back for about 24 to 36 hours.

The inlet to the wetland is normally a standing water area where the water is slowed down and the sediments are settled out. This captures it in a location that is easily accessible and can be cleaned out. We put in these diversion buttons to create a convoluted flow path so that the water is then pushed up through all the reeds and around the end and then and then back down in a much more controlled way and similarly on the inlet on the opposite end there’s another bund that pushes water in and around and we deliberately did that to make more use of the wetland area. (more…)