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The Importance of a Land Survey

Land surveys plan an essential role when land ownership is transferred from one person to another. Besides establishing the boundaries, land surveys give a record of the physical state of a property. A land surveyor, through a surveyor, reveals the rights that go with the property in question. A land surveyor measures land and gives the legal descriptions and definitions of the land. The professionals also verify data accuracy and drafts the necessary reports and maps. Any real estate property transaction requires a formal land survey from professions, such as land surveyor hernando county fl.

Land Survey Contents

A land surveyor is required to provide certain things in a land survey report. For instance, the report includes a description of land for deeds and leases. A land survey also includes measurements of mineral sites. A land surveyor should also include construction sites and gives data concerning elevation, shape, location, contour, land features and dimensions. Your land surveyor should also provide you with evidence of previous boundaries and indicate the location of boundary lines. (more…)

Sue Your Landlord to Resolve Landlord-Tenant Disputes

You are already in an apartment lease and when you come home from work one night you notice there’s a huge hole in the ceiling and the hole is larger then the last time you reported it to your landlord. And apparently they are not going to do anything about it.

I’m here to answer the questions how to sue your landlord to resolve a landlord tenant dispute. Well one of the first things you want to consider is what does your lease agreement with this landlord say.

They may very well be a provision in the lease agreement itself that dictates whether you can sue the landlord or whether you have to do something before you can sue the landlord such as go through a dispute resolution process or something of that nature. (more…)

How to deal with a difficult landlord

Here are a few tips on dealing with a difficult landlord.

Tip 1: Know your lease.

Make sure you’ve actually read through and fully understand your lease. Double check to see if it’s a month-to-month lease or a year lease. Check for additional fees like pet rat, amenity charges, or penalties associated with breaking your lease before the term is up. These details can often be overlooked when initially reviewing the lease. It is in fact a legal document so before you sign your rights away make sure you fully understand what you’re signing.

 Tip 2: Communicate Issues Clearly.

If you’re ever in need of something to be fixed make sure your landlord knows the importance of it. The more detail you are about the issue, the more likely you areto get it fixed quickly and correctly. Think about making a request in writing. It’s easy to just call up your landlord and tell them something is broken, however with that it’s just as easy for your landlord to forget that request. (more…)

Three Tasks to Complete Before You Rent Out Your Home

There are many reasons to consider finding a tenant and renting out your home. If the market is bad for selling, it’s a great way to pay down your mortgage without taking a loss. In addition, it could be a profitable source of income if you know how to find the right tenants. However, there are a few things you should do before you let a new tenant move into your house. Before you sign the lease, check these three tasks off your list.

1. Schedule a Tune-Up for Major Systems and Appliances

Make sure all of the major components of your home are in excellent shape. Schedule an hvac service contract chicago il and have a pro take a look at your fridge, washer and dryer. A little preventative care could save you thousands of dollars in replacement costs and help you get a longer life out what you already have. (more…)

Why Property in Virginia Water is Still the Best Investment

Many people know that there is a part of the Surrey that attract the famous and the rich; This is not a secret again as the rest of the country and the world know about these hidden treasures of the best investment. As you know that Virginia Water has hit the headlines for having properties owned by millionaires, this is because there other property and lifestyle attraction that comes to play.

Actually, There are some reasons that make people want to live and invest in Virginia water -wealthy business owners move out of London to the Virginia Water purposely to enhance their standard of family living. Properties in Virginia water also have a huge number of foreign potential buyers that have been seduced by the uniqueness of the area and its exceptional living. (more…)