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Removing a Rusty Citroen Fastener Without Breaking it Off

This was a question that recently was sent in to me, and I covered it a bit in the article that I wrote about removing the Citroen D Model fuel tank, but I will go into greater depth here. What I will be explaining here is the removal of a fastener from your vintage Citroen . Most of these fasteners will be 25 plus years old, and you are perhaps removing them for the first time since the Citroen was new.

Depending on the location and the vintage, and of course where a fastener has spent it’s life, can have a great deal to do with how difficult it might be to remove when you want to take it apart. When I say location, I mean if the fastener is located under the dash of your Citroen or holding the front bumper on will make a great deal of difference as to how you want to approach removal.

If the Citroen was ever run in the winter on salty streets, or for that matter lived in the  humid eastern part of the U.S. or the drier western part will also make a huge difference. If the fastener is located inside the Citroen interior and did not see any corrosive damage, it should be relatively easy to remove. But, if it spent it’s life on the outside, (more…)

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CX Pulsing Brakes After Pad Replacement

Recently we have gotten several questions about Citroen CX brakes. Most often it is a case of the person replacing the pads on their front brakes, but not having replaced the rotors.

Here is the situation with this and any other modern car out in the real world when getting brake work done today. If you don’t want your brakes to pulse or chatter after you replace the pads, you have to replace the rotors also.

The manufacturers really don’t give you much tolerance to work with to turn or resurface the brakes anymore, so this is the best thing to do if you want to eliminate the chance of brake pulsing after you go to the work of replacing the pads.

This issue sort of popped it’s head with the late U.S. speced Citroen DS cars. Brake squeal and pad glazing was a problem, so the pads were made out of a harder and more aggressive compound, and the rotors were made from a softer metal. This got rid of the squeal and glazing for the most part, but it meant that rotors wore out much faster. This problem continues with the Citorën CX models that are in this country. (more…)

Fighting Pests That Love Your Home

Life can be busy for most people, and the last thing you want to do is search your home for pests, but that is exactly what you should do twice a year if you don’t want to allow uninvited roommates to move in with you. Here are three of the most common pests that would love to take over your home.


As cute as the little critters are, a squirrel can be unbelievably destructive to your house. Chewing their way into your home, they can quickly build nests that are soon filled with urine and feces from their young brood. Because they love to gnaw, they can tear their way through your home’s joists, insulation, and wiring. In fact, they are thought to be responsible for approximately 25 percent of home fires with a mysterious origin. (more…)

Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Although it is probably the smallest room in your house, the bathroom can be one of the most exciting rooms to remodel. It is also one of the most popular spaces that people choose to update, and it can get expensive. There are some changes you can make that won’t break the bank though. Try some of these ideas.


Installing a new vanity can drastically change the appearance of the room. You can actually buy these at your local home improvement store or find lots of options online. If you’d rather not get a vanity, you can have new cabinets installed instead. You’ll need to decide what type of countertops you want beforehand. Granite countertops Lewisville TX is one of the more popular choices, but laminate is less expensive.


Painting the bathroom can help it look brand new and should only take you a few hours. (more…)

How To Save Money With Preventive Pond Management

A healthy, sparkling pond can provide a family or neighborhood with unlimited enjoyment. Water offers aesthetic and recreational benefits that enhance the overall value of your property. Until recently, ponds were rarely actively managed unless an unpleasant condition arose. By the time an issue is noticeable, there are quite often invisible imbalances underlying it. Understanding this, pond owners are now tending more toward planned pond management, versus a more reactive approach.

The Reactive Management Model

You are taking a walk around your pond one evening, and you notice a ripe odor and some green algae on the surface. You pick up some algaecide to apply to the problem. This reflects the reactive model of pond care; you respond as problems emerge. (more…)