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Reasons Why a Solar Power System is Important for your home

The solar industry is getting to be very competitive globally. If you work in such industry, you will quickly realize what we mean. State, Federal, and also local governments are supporting businesses and also energy minded homeowners to commit to solar energy by offering financial rewards. Along with government subsidies, the plummeting material costs have taken solar technology into a very cost-effective solution.

Offered the advantages and affordable cost, numerous people are thinking about Solar installation Long Island for their house and also workplace in various forms such as cookers, vehicles, heaters and also lighting systems. Even if this rapid rise in the amount of homeowners choosing this alternative energy source is a good sign, it has given surge to specific situational issues. The demand has been outperforming the available supply.

Many solar energy panels also have backup battery storage, so it still can be used when the sun sets, on cloudy days, or even in the bad weather. The batteries can keep sufficient energy to power a residential property or even business for every week or even for a longer period without direct sunlight. When extra electrical power is needed, solar contractors can plug your electrical system to a power grid.

Solar power is a green resource. This means that you are not at risk to draining this power source. Although the sunlight might be out of reach at night, it will go back in full force in early morning. Solar power is non-polluting. Compared with fossil fuel, solar energy will not emit any gases or even carcinogens. Solar energy is thoroughly clean, and this is one of the main advantages of solar electricity. The energy and heat from the sun cost nothing. When a contractor installs solar energy panels in your house or building, there will never be any other costs to power them. Understand that solar energy is produced from the sun after which transformed into heat or electricity.

Solar panels need little maintenance. The reason is there are not any in motion parts which have to be maintained. Solar panels will also last for a long time and they will not make any disturbances. The Solar energy can even cut your electricity bills by 50% and boost the value of your home. A solar energy can help add the desirability of a property and it can make a house more appealing to potential buyers. A home which contains a solar energy system is cost-efficient to reside in and quite appealing to potential buyers. So, as we have seen, using solar energy is not only beneficial to the environment, but it gives benefits to your pocketbook. You will realize that you will be saving a large amount of money in the long run. Paying utility bills is expensive with the rates are rising every year. If you are on a limited budget, it is best to try this renewable source of energy.

If you wish to get the advantages of installing solar energy, seek for solar contractor Long Island today. A professional contractor will handle your needs and give any solutions that you might have. Make sure you only hire solar contractors who are skilled and experienced.

T Bone or T Boone Pickens Energy Plan?

A lot of people are confused by the name. Is it T Bone Pickens or T Boone Pickens? Well of course his name is not as important as his plan. But just to clear up the confusion, it is T Boone Pickens! You can call him what ever you like, as long as you take the time to look at The Pickens Plan!

The Problems and The Pickens Plan

Everyone knows that America is in a tough time, in more ways than one. There are major threats to our economy, national security, and environment. And at the center of these major issues there runs a common thread: Foreign Oil. Since 1970 America’s oil imports have risen from 24% to nearly 70%. Of all of the oil in the world, America uses about 25%. Yet it only has 3% of the oil reserves and only 4% of the world’s population.

Billions of dollars are being put into foreign economies each and every month to satisfy our oil needs. This is money that could be spent right here in our own country, creating jobs, cleaner power, and a better environment for future generations.

The Pickens Plan is on track to within 10 years produce 22% of our electricity needs from wind power. That is in addition the the power we already have and will have from solar power. Build a 21st century backbone electrical grid. We must have a plan to get the power to all of the people. Conserve the amount of energy that we are using. Provide incentives to people for using energy saving measures. Replace the imported oil transportation fuel with natural gas.

The Man: T Boone (T Bone) Pickens

I have read some stupid comments about Pickens being in this for the money. Yea right. He is worth over 3 billion dollars. He has donated millions and millions to charity. And continues to do so. He is 80 years old. Just what could he do with the money? He can’t even spend the money that he has now! He is doing this for our children and future generations. It can no longer be a question of when, but rather why isn’t it done yet. Who is going to do it if it isn’t us? There is no one else. It will be too late if we leave it for the next generation!

And so what if he does make some money. Will he be the first man who came up with an idea and made a profit? If not, he is joining a very long list of evil men and women who changed the world for the better and made some money!

Other Arguments on The Pickens Plan

Just when you thought you had heard it all. The birds. Yes I am sure that birds are being killed. But I have 2 or 3 birds every year die at my house because they tried to fly into one of my windows. So I think that windows should be outlawed. People die in auto accidents everyday because they are even more stupid than birds. They are texting, talking on cell phones, reading newspapers, shaving, and eating. I think that cars should be outlawed. No. Maybe we should sue the auto manufacturers because they don’t have warnings on the dash that warn you that driving takes a lot of attention.

Ice flying off of the blades. Come on now. If that is a problem, I am sure that it can be solved. But I have seen lethal sized icicles fall from my house. I am not sure that there is a lot that can be done about that. Well maybe promote global warming so there will be no more ice?

Wind farms are ugly. Well that is certainly a matter of opinion. Personally I love them. Man is at his best and inventing again! Imagine what the first people to see a car thought.

They take up a lot of space. The nice thing about them is that you can still farm the land under them. Of course the bad thing is that the farmers have to dodge the flying ice and dead birds!

Energy Efficient Lights

Energy efficient lights have many advantages over the old fashioned incandescent lights. Your home can pollute the environment more than your car if you are using them! The average American home is responsible for twice as many greenhouse emissions as their car.

Lighting consumes approximately 22% of the electrical power generated in the United States. Energy efficient lights are good for you and good for the environment.

Depending upon the application and type of your energy efficient lights, they could last up to 16 times longer than conventional bulbs. And they use about 75% less electricity. They are safer, cooler, and produce even lighting.

Why if every American replaced 5 heavily used lights in their home with energy efficient lights we could save around 8 billion dollars a year in energy costs! Typically the most used lights are in the family room, living room, kitchen, and the outdoor lights. Yes, replace those porch and post lights with energy efficient lights.

Energy efficient lights have come a long way. They are available in cool white, soft white, daylight, and dimming, just to name a few. A word of caution on fixtures with dimming capabilities. Regular energy efficient lights will not work in them. You would have to buy a special bulb made for that application, and even then there is no guarantee that they will work. Save your receipt and check the store’s return policy before purchasing.

How many energy efficient lights does it take to make a difference?

Solar Power Information : Do It Yourself

Looking for solar power information? Solar panels came and died down and are now making a return! Many people are enjoying huge savings in their energy bills because of this renewable energy source.

However, the large companies and power companies would have you believe that this solar power information is of no use to you. They would have you believe that it only applies to big companies and rich people.

And, this very well might have been the case, 15 or more years ago. But man has out done himself again in this do it yourself society and shown that you can make your own solar power and save yourself up to 80% in energy bills. And there is information that shows that it can be done for less than $200.00 in most cases.

Solar Power Information : Required Supplies

  • A cheap solar panel (which you can find online on eBay)
  • A battery and battery holder
  • A DC input and/or an AC inverter

That’s basically it! The problem is not really the parts, but the information on how to put it all together and how to connect numerous solar panels together. For most homes, more than one panel is required to provide solar power. Each cell produces a small amount of electricity but put together they can generate enough electricity for household needs.

There is a best selling plan that gives you all of the information needed to make your own solar power and even information on how to find the needed supplies cheap. You should be able to build a system for less than $200.00

I recommend using this inexpensive guide:  Earth4Energy, to get started as you’ll get cheaper parts, get the job done quicker and you’ll also be able to build wind turbines for additional energy sources around the home too. Either way, this guide shows you everything you need to know to be able to generate enough power for your entire home and can have your own solar energy generators installed within a couple of days

Reducing My Energy Consumption: I’m From the Government and I am Here to Help You

I live it the first state. Delaware. So I thought that since I was going to reduce my energy consumption, maybe I could get some help from the government. After all I am helping the planet. So we have this great program called Energize Delaware. It is made to reduce energy consumption. So you first have an auditor come to your home and do an energy audit. He makes recommendations, and you get a check from Delaware based on what you do. Sounds easy and I am about to get something for free! NOT!

The very first thing is for me to pick an auditor from the “approved” list. They range in price from free to $450. So I started making phone calls. What a bunch of losers I talked with. I finally found one that sounded smart. And they were doing the audit for FREE! OK, this is looking good. Well when the auditor got here it didn’t take me long to figure out that he had an agenda. And it did not include doing me any favors or getting me into the Energize Delaware program. He wanted to “seal” the leaks in my home at the tune of $4,000. A whole lot of baseless promises on all of this money I would save by reducing my energy consumption. Sorry, I am not buying. I am thinking that I may not live long enough to see that $4,000 save me that much in reduced energy consumption!

And if I was to get a check from the program I had to use an “approved” contractor to install my system. The problem was that the “approved” contractors were twice as much as the one that I used. So a $10,000 system would have been $20,000 and I would have received a check for $4,000 from the program. Ummmmm, not sure if I want to participate. So here I am back at square one and with no help from the government. (I will actually get some tax credits on next years taxes)