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Why use Ipe wood for decking material?

When choosing what material to use for decking around saunas, hot tubs and swimming pools, Ipe decking is a smart option. The great things about this tropical hardwood are numerous and for homeowners that just want to get this to investment at one time, Ipe wood is the right options today.

As a wooden material exposed to harmful elements and constant subjection to water, Ipe is regarded as the most decay resistant timber. It is proof against insect and mold infestation. In tests performed by the Naval Research Laboratory, Ipe wood which was piled in the ground for 10 years was still immune to termites and gets the highest rating. Even without treatment Ipe can last 50 years. With deck oil coated to the surface, Ipe decking can last 75 plus years. It will be a good return on your long term investment.

the outstanding physical aspects of Ipe the wood is that such decking material can resists mildew, fungi, mold, and insects such as termites and also ants . The Ipe wood is also slip resistant, never have aesthetically displeasing knots, and will never splinter, and this is the reason why the wood can be the perfect option for your decking surface.

Ipe can be left purely natural without having an impact on the durability or quality of the decking and as it can be left untreated without using chemicals or even additives. This is a safe decking for pets and kids.

If you are looking for Ipe decking supplier, Ipe Decking USA is the best supplier providing quality Brazilian hardwood materials for decking. They ship the items to your home or even deliver all ipe to the job site. You will not be bothered with the shipping process. Many contractors or even homeowners are selecting us and it not just due to our outstanding customer support and the top quality of product we offer but also they guarantee the most competitive prices.

The benefits of electric motorcycle

Have you ever thought about buying an electric motorcycle? You might not have heard much about this eco friendly vehicle and are wondering why many people buy this vehicle. The simple truth is, the electric motorcycle offers several benefits. Some of the amazing benefits normally include fuel and efficiency, in addition to an overall decrease in environmental impact.

Fuel Efficiency
The electric vehicle is one which can reduce the usage of fuel. Why? This vehicle does not use any kind of fuel at all, but instead it is operated by a battery. This certainly creates the fuel efficient motor as there is not any fuel consumed at all, so there is no need to bother about how many miles per gallon you will be spending! Additionally Improvements in battery technology and ultra powerful motors have induced the electric motorcycle beneficial

Noise Efficiency
Whenever you ride the electric motor, you do not need to bother about how much noise the motor is making as there is certainly a considerable reduction due to the fact that it does not have any combustion engine to create the noise that one is commonly found when riding. The only sound which can be heard from this kind of motor is the quite winding sound which is generated when it moves. Normally the rolling sound of the wheels is the only sound that you may hear. It is a good benefit to buy this electric motorcycle as it minimizes the noise level produced from vehicles on roadways that could help keep local neighborhoods along with heavily populated areas much quieter.

As you are not depending on gasoline to run the electric motor, there is no environment impact in terms of hazardous pollutants that might be released. The motorcycle is known as a more eco-friendly mode of transportation therefore if you are trying to find a motorcycle which can protect the environment, then electric motorcycle is the right solution for you.

Even though the electric motorcycle is unable to reach the same speeds as gasoline powered motorcycle, you can get pleasure from the freedom of riding. You will not ride them in very fast speed on the highway as they are not created for speed. Despite having its amazing benefits and simplicity of use the rider really should practice safety habits when riding. Even if a helmet is not a style statement it may help save your life and in some other countries it is the rule.

Decorating Your Children’s Room With Animal Wall Decals

We sometimes keep a cute and friendly animal as our house pet, which is more like our family members. Or simply, kids also like animals, seeing that animals will always be lovely and friendly, and our children often enjoy animals around their lives. For instance, we put cute giraffe wall decal in nice design, and your children will certainly like it. And animal wall decals can be the perfect options for nursery room.
Wall decal mall offers a variety of animals’ decals to beautify your walls. From exciting to wonderful style, these wall stickers will makeover any room. The cool designs in such a collection animate a lot of their favorites into entertaining art.

They try to make something really impressive to install on your wall. Whether putting on a quote to enliven your bathroom or kitchen, a tree with animals to beautify your kids room or even a height chart to know how big your kids are becoming, their wall decals can give that extra exclusive touch.

From single color vinyl decals, they created and designed a large number of stickers for each room in your house. They also offer full color fabric stickers which are ideal for redecorating playrooms, nurseries and also children’s bedrooms with specific themes such as zoo, jungle animals, space, or woodland.

Check also their wonderful collection of elephant wall decal. This cute interior decoration can also give a wonderful look in the playroom or nursery room of your kids.

All these animal wall decals are generally simple, adorable and some are typically in cartoon styles that are exclusively designed for young children. Installing an animal wall decal in your house really can make it stunning and meaningful. Also, attract some pets to your kids’ room, and your children will certainly love such cute little friends.

Wind Power Solutions for Your Home

This is certainly a time where the increasing demand for energy is catching up with the supply. It is still hard to believe that we have waited so long to actually do something about it. While the world is playing catch up, and you are trying to save on your personal energy bill, is there anything else that can be done? Well yes.

There are solar and wind options available that are pollution free and certainly renewable at zero cost? You could be seeing drastic reductions in your energy bill. You may also have an edge on the inevitable power outage!

For right now we are going to review the wind power option that can be used at home.

There are certain conditions that make wind power solutions work better. Here are a few:

• You have a house spread over a large area. Typically, wind power solutions are employed in areas that spread over an acre. Also some local laws may prevent you from having wind power devices unless you meet space requirements.

• Your average wind speed should be no less than 11 miles per hour. If you do not have enough wind, your system will not work.

• You need to draw water from external sources.  If you need to draw water from outside on a regular basis, a wind power system is most certainly the best solution.

• You need an uninterrupted power supply. Saving the grief of those power outages is easy with the pollution-free wind power systems.

Most wind power systems have 4 or 5 blades to harness the power of the wind. The height will vary according to your location and conditions. You may need a taller tower if you don’t have as much wind. This power can be used just as you use the energy from the power company. It can be stored or even sold back to your power company if you have excess. Just don’t expect to get the same price that they charge you!

Sometimes people get confuse over the “wind power” jargon. Just for your information the terms wind mills, wind turbines, and wind generators are all the same.

So can you survive by wind power alone? Well if you have a state of the art system and live in the right location, it is possible. But mostly people can drastically reduce the amount of energy that they are purchasing from the power company. And you may be surprised at how low the cost could be to build your own system.

8 Things to Consider When Building Energy Efficient Houses

Obviously if you already have a home, you are limited as to what you can do to conserve energy. However, building energy efficient houses is a whole different ball game! This is where you are in control. Make sure that you do your homework! I will give you 8 areas of consideration.

1. Choose Your Builder Wisely

This is first for a reason. It is the most important. When you go to the builder you should already have a good idea of things that he will do that will make your home more energy efficient. But if he is a good builder he should be telling you things that he does that you may not have even thought of. He should already know and be ready to implement everything that you have found in your research, or tell you why you should not do it.

2. Thicker Outside Walls

Most builders have gone to 6 inch outside walls for the simple reason that you can get more insulation in them.

3. Amount of Insulation

A lot of builders have gone to spraying a thin coat of foam insulation on first. It seals things. Then they put in the normal fiberglass insulation. Add these 2 together to get your total “R” value. And your builder should want to go above the normal required code. And don’t forget the ceilings. This is very important, as heat rises!

4. Orientation of the House

Sometimes you have absolutely no control over this. But if you do, face the sun. You can use the sun to heat your home. And in the summer you can close the blinds to get the sun out.

5. Heating and Cooling System

The options here are many. And they will vary according to your situation. You will really need to do a lot of research in this area. Make sure that you cover every aspect when you consider which system to go with. Most importantly the type of energy it requires. And the payback years. If a system takes 20 years before you see a savings, and you move every 7 years, it may not be a wise choice.

6. Hot Water

I love the new “tankless” hot water systems. Gas seems to be a favorite for new construction. But it depends upon your situation. For instance, if you are making your own electricity, you would want to go with electric.

7. Windows

This is one area where a lot of improvements have been made! There are many varieties at many different prices. The good thing is that there is a rating system that makes them easy to compare. Again, research and make a wise decision.

8. Lighting

If one CFL light bulb can make a difference, imagine what a whole houseful of them can do. Hopefully your builder will be using energy efficient lighting. If he does not, he is more concerned about making a profit than saving money on YOUR energy bill.

So there are 8 things to consider when building energy efficient houses. But this is not a complete list. And hopefully between you and your builder you will come up with even more!

There are many ways to save energy. Building energy efficient houses is the best start. But even after the house is complete, there are many things you can do to save energy. Not only to save money, but to save the planet and leave something for the next generation! Make sure that you do your part.