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4 Interior Design Trends to Spice Up Your Home Décor

Most interior design ideas are in the “been there, done that” category. However, you can spice up your home décor with the following 4 trends. Each one is unique to you, but popular to others. And most of these décor trends are changeable, so you can upgrade your designs anytime.

Use Wallpaper as a Cabinet Shelf Base

Peel-able wallpaper makes a great, fun base for your cabinet shelves, especially because you can change them out whenever you want a new look in your kitchen. And there are thousands of colorful designs and patterns to choose from, so you are never without options. The only hassle would be in having to measure your cabinet space, then cutting the wallpaper to match the shelf base. Other than that, peel, stick, and admire.

Opt for a Removable, Peel-able Kitchen Mosaics

Another removable, peel-able option for your kitchen is a mosaic countertop backdrop. You know that space, usually an expanse of wall, between your oven and your cabinets? You could easily give your kitchen an elegant ambience with a mosaic that resembles stonework, shiny gemstones, or a mash-up of your favorite colors. And, as a bonus, most peel-able kitchen mosaics are sleek, so they wipe clean with water and they never curl at the edges. Ask any kitchen remodeling contractor and they will tell you that mosaics can light up and beautify your cooking space.

Go Neutral with Colorful Accents

Home décor is about finding the best designs to match and express your unique personality. If you are a neutral walls kind of person, don’t be afraid to spice up your rooms with colorful accents instead. A red vase here, a blue picture frame there—a bit of color can really bring your room to life, especially if you opt for off-white or stone-grey walls.

Use Rugs to Change a Room’s Entire Appearance

Area rugs and hallway runners can make a big difference in the appearance of any room. Most rugs have patterns in vibrant colors, so you can pack several aspects of your interior designs into a single mat. Plus, you can opt for angles or different shapes if you want a rug that speaks to and compliments your décor quirks.

Home décor proves important to your well-being, as your home is where you heart is. As cliché as that sounds. So, to ensure the happiness of your home and your heart, keep the aforementioned design trends in mind for when you need a little something extra in your décor.

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