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Solar Power Information : Do It Yourself

Looking for solar power information? Solar panels came and died down and are now making a return! Many people are enjoying huge savings in their energy bills because of this renewable energy source.

However, the large companies and power companies would have you believe that this solar power information is of no use to you. They would have you believe that it only applies to big companies and rich people.

And, this very well might have been the case, 15 or more years ago. But man has out done himself again in this do it yourself society and shown that you can make your own solar power and save yourself up to 80% in energy bills. And there is information that shows that it can be done for less than $200.00 in most cases.

Solar Power Information : Required Supplies

  • A cheap solar panel (which you can find online on eBay)
  • A battery and battery holder
  • A DC input and/or an AC inverter

That’s basically it! The problem is not really the parts, but the information on how to put it all together and how to connect numerous solar panels together. For most homes, more than one panel is required to provide solar power. Each cell produces a small amount of electricity but put together they can generate enough electricity for household needs.

There is a best selling plan that gives you all of the information needed to make your own solar power and even information on how to find the needed supplies cheap. You should be able to build a system for less than $200.00

I recommend using this inexpensive guide:  Earth4Energy, to get started as you’ll get cheaper parts, get the job done quicker and you’ll also be able to build wind turbines for additional energy sources around the home too. Either way, this guide shows you everything you need to know to be able to generate enough power for your entire home and can have your own solar energy generators installed within a couple of days

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