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Ikea bookcases assembly and delivery service

Ikea sells bookcases at affordable prices, because of the way it is packed for their buyers. Most Ikea bookcases are ready-to-assemble as it is included with simple components and a comprehensive manual. On the other hand, large bookcases might be difficult if you have no time or patience to put together by yourself. It is advisable to seek the services of an experienced assembler to get the job done when the bookcases are delivered our home or offices They will make sure that your bookcases look of the same quality in your home as it has been displayed on the showroom.

When the Ikea bookcase arrives at your home or office, setting it up may take around 1 to 3 hours based upon the complexity of layout, amount of parts, as well as other aspects. Using the services of experienced assemblers is the most convenient way to get this done fast and properly. They unpack the packaging box, check the given parts, assemble the parts by using their special tools, and discard the boxes. The assemblers ask you for only the labor cost for the that doesn’t include delivery or repairs. If you are living in New York City or New jersey, to get Ikea bookcases delivered safely to your home or offices is easy, such Ikea furniture assemblers also offer Ikea delivery from Brooklyn.

furniture like bookcases are very heavy and will take more than one person for putting your unit together. The price of assembly will depend on the time it requires and the complexity to install each item. The perfect time for assembling is around 2 hours at most.

Though there are manuals contained in the box usually they are not really clear as to what screws to use and wahat must be screwed. It could be really frustrating. You will find furniture assemblers you may hire to put your Ikea bookcase together. Just leave the job to the professionals and you will enjoy the awesome looks of your new Ikea bookcase same like it was displayed on the showroom.

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