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Housework Made Easier by a Machine

I hate doing housework and avoid it as much as I can. Cleaning the bathroom is always no fun, and having to clean the windows is pretty tedious. If there was some way I could automate every cleaning task in my home, I would be the happiest person on earth. Sadly, technology hasn’t made it possible for that, but I can at least automate the process of vacuuming my floors. Robotic vacuums exist, and I went to the ACE hardware to find one that would vacuum my hardwood floors and my carpets.

There was one robotic vacuum that I really liked. It had the ability to move from floor to carpet and back seamlessly. It would clean every inch of the floor, and when it was done, the vacuum would go back to its charging station. The vacuum had built in sensors that prevented it from hitting the wall and from rolling off a high surface, like the stairs. I didn’t hesitate to buy the vacuum and when it arrived, I put it to work on the first day. I had the vacuum clean every floor, while I sat on the couch and watched television. The vacuum even had a sensor to indicate when it needed emptying.

The robotic vacuum has made my life so much easier. I still have to do other forms of housework, but at least vacuuming is no longer one of them. The vacuum picks up just about anything off the floor, as long as it can fit inside the vacuum. There are also a couple of robotic mops as well. It would be neat to have one of those going over the bathroom floor and over the kitchen. I would never have to carry that big mop bucket and squeeze that dirty mop water over and over again.

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