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Can Foreigners Own Property in Thailand?

Are you planning to buy a condo or villa in Thailand but uncertain as to how this is successfully done? . Well here one can find the basic guidelines of what should be done and how to invest property in Thailand.

Choose a Real estate Agent

As you are trying to find property in Thailand you will need expert local help. The local real estate agents know how to speak in Thai and they are acquainted with the geographical area. The real estate agents can help you save time in choosing and showing you the property within the size of your pocket that also matches your specifications.

Buying directly from the property developers isn’t going to help you save money when compared with buying it from a real estate agent. A high-quality property for sale in Thailand is usually offered at a fixed price.The great benefit of having a real estate agent is that they can work as a liaison between buyer and the seller. They can find the best property with a fair price and help you in the process to buy a condo in Thailand and act upon your behalf to work for your best interests during the acquisition process.

Legal Planning

Keep in mind that you are spending part of your life to get this property and you should correctly plan your actions during this process. You really have to understand the proper legal process in Thailand for the foreigner to buy property. Prior to deciding to sign any kind of deposit agreement, you must consult a lawyer to talk about the legal process.

Most Convenient Way of Ownership

In Thailand, a foreigner can only own a condo in his/her own name. When the foreigner wants to buy land or build a home, he/she must have a long-term lease on the land (for an interval not in excess of 30 years each term).

The foreigner must submit an application for the construction permit to build a house in their own name. By doing this the foreigner can own the property and has a guaranteed long-term lease on the land.

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