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The kitchen has long been the gathering place in my home for many family get togethers. Regardless of ample seating in other parts of the house, for some odd reason, when we all get together, it seems that everyone migrates to the kitchen to carry on our conversation, no matter how big or small the space.

In fact, many conversations were spawned by the collage of pictures on my refrigerator or the new magnets displayed. While my spouse thought this to be somewhat of a tacky display, this magnetic display tradition ended when we purchased a new home that came with a stainless steel refrigerator. No magnets sticking to that.

Kitchens today are being designed as the newest entertainment centers with many housing under-the-counter DVD players, TV’s and MP3 players

Coming to market this fall, Whirlpool introduces their Centralpark Refrigerator. The price point for this technologically advanced appliance is $1,999.00. The refrigerator features an interchangeable interface that allows you to plug in an MP3 player, a digital photo album or a DVD/CD player directly on the door.

Not only will this refrigerator play and charge most of your electronic devices, including MP3 players, cell phones, satellite radios and DVD players, it may also be used as an interactive communications tool. If you are looking to keep your family notified of schedules, calendar dates or you need to just send them a message, this newest appliance from Whirlpool functions as an interactive message board, a Web tablet, a family calendar or a photo album. Or, if your preference is to use it to display family photos, the appliance works as a digital photo frame, allowing you to display thousands of photos on your refrigerator without using a single magnet.

This latest high-tech item will certainly keep my family in the kitchen for years to come!

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