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Stop Fire Before It Starts

A fire in a restaurant will shut you down, at least temporarily, but by following some safety procedures, you can avoid a dangerous and costly disaster. Having well-designed fire suppression equipment is a must for a restaurant, so consider calling commercial ventilation contractors Minneapolis to discuss plans.

Keep it Clean and Neat

A kitchen is supposed to be clean, but things can get messy during peak serving and cooking times. Be sure to keep areas around fryers and grills free of clutter and wipe them down often to reduce grease build-up. Also, make sure that the fryer oil is replaced regularly and that used oil is not kept in the kitchen. In the event of a fire, the oil could easily contribute to an even bigger blaze. Over-heated oil in fryers is one of the most common culprits when it comes to kitchen fires. Install equipment that shuts down automatically when the oil gets too hot.

lnstall Fire Suppressing Ventilation Systems

Next to paying attention to grease and clutter, installing a commercial range hood that is designed to slow down or stop fires is the best step you can take toward reducing risk in a restaurant kitchen. A well-designed ventilation system will contain the fire to the area where it starts and keep it from spreading. Having multiple restaurant-rated fire extinguishers on-site is also a must.

Review Fire Safety Procedures

Make sure that your employees know how to use safety equipment such as fire extinguishers. Also, impress upon them that hair must be kept tied back and loose-fitting clothing must not be worn in the kitchen. Aprons can go a long way toward keeping clothing out of harm’s way.

By following some common-sense safety rules and making sure you have good commercial ventilation equipment, you should be able to avoid the heartbreak and expense of a restaurant fire.

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