Living Space

Examples of Functional Fine Art

Everyone’s home has fixtures, knobs, doors, and shelves that serve a purpose. While you may not think about them often, they all offer something more than their surface role. They are opportunities to display functional fine art! Here are some examples of common household staples that can be modeled to reflect your tastes.


Doors are a perfect blank canvas for functional fine art, Think of a plain wooden front door. How cool would it look with a tapestry-like mythical story carved into it? Wrought-Iron gates also provide tons of opportunities for creative shapes or designs to be formed in their metal.

Light Sources

Light sources are practically begging to become functional fine art! Picture this, a window or skylight in a high-ceilinged room. Now, imagine that its frame sports a design or shape that overlaps and catches light. Properly designed, not only would this window have a cool look to it, it would cast a fancy shadow on the floor at a certain time of day. If planned even further out, it might be possible to take “functional” to another level and position pieces to block sunlight from the eyes of people sitting in the room!

Outdoor Pieces

Chances are, if you have a garden, backyard, or patio, you have several functional items supporting plants, keeping things fenced in or out, or serving as areas to sit or gather. Any of these surfaces could easily have art added to them, or be replaced with an artistic item. Think about fire-pits or planters. The options for design are almost limitless. You can also think about seasonal fun for the holidays, and buy or make pieces that can be changed throughout the year.

Part of the fun of having a home is making it your own. If you look for them, opportunities to display art are everywhere!

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