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Three Tasks to Complete Before You Rent Out Your Home

There are many reasons to consider finding a tenant and renting out your home. If the market is bad for selling, it’s a great way to pay down your mortgage without taking a loss. In addition, it could be a profitable source of income if you know how to find the right tenants. However, there are a few things you should do before you let a new tenant move into your house. Before you sign the lease, check these three tasks off your list.

1. Schedule a Tune-Up for Major Systems and Appliances

Make sure all of the major components of your home are in excellent shape. Schedule an hvac service contract chicago il and have a pro take a look at your fridge, washer and dryer. A little preventative care could save you thousands of dollars in replacement costs and help you get a longer life out what you already have.

2. Have Your Floors Cleaned

You should require your tenant to clean the floors before moving out, and provide proof when necessary. That means they should move into a house with clean floors in order to have a standard to meet. In addition, freshly cleaned carpets or tile floors can be very appealing and help you land a renter quickly.

3. Touch up the Walls

You don’t have to repaint an entire room, but you should patch all holes once you’ve emptied the walls of your personal items. Touch up the patches so the room looks fresh, clean and ready for move-in. Then you’ll be able to require your tenant to do the same when they end their lease.

While owning a rental property isn’t for everyone, with the right care and planning it can be a helpful and even lucrative solution for many home owners. Just make sure your home is set up for your new tenant to help protect yourself from extra work in the future.

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