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How to organize under kitchen sink storage

A hamper full of stuff, million plastic bags and I also just took out all of these ones, and then all of these cleaning products were sat in front of that basket with tea towels and everything. But it’s just a total mess and I can never find anything.

It’s the kind of cupboard where you would pull a bag out and it was like Jenga, the whole thing would fall out. You never knew what was in there. Basically, I’m going to show you a few products that I have bought for under the sink, which I thought were worth telling you.

The first product that I wanted to show you is this like bag holder. My bags were just literally everywhere in the cupboard. So I got this from Argos. You’ll see, you just stick all of your bags in the top and then you can just pull one out that way as and when you need it, and it just keeps them all compact and it’s much better than having them just all hanging in there.

The next thing that I wanted to show you, which I thought was quite a good little tip, any pipes running under your sink, like I do, I have used it to hang extra cleaning products that we have, because sometimes I’ll buy like two of something if it’s on special, et cetera. So I’m kind of hanging those things and like some gardening things on the pipes at the back, which was a space we weren’t using before.

My favorite thing that has just changed the whole of the under-the-sink, because there’s no shelves in this cupboard because it’s quite hard to get shelves around the piping and everything. So I found these shelves on Amazon.

Basically they’re completely adjustable and they come with little shelf slats like this that you place on like that and you can place them around pipes. So if you had a pipe in the middle they can go around it. I’ve got one over there, so it’s going go around it that way so you can completely tailor your shelves under your sink with this. And the whole thing was 15 pounds, but it’s been a real space saver for me because now I can use all the shelves.

I had a good sort out between what tea towels are really nice and what ones are more just like rags that I can use for cleaning. These are just like our Brillo Pads for the barbecue, and gloves and things. And I picked up this little like carrier thing from Ikea. It was really, really reasonable and I’m just keeping all my J-cloths and scrubbies and things like that in there. A bit of our fairy liquid and cleaning and the the surface cleaner that you use everyday, I’ve been sort of just hanging on that similar to the way that I did the pipes. And then at the bottom, I’ve just got all my bags, all my dishwasher tablets, dishwasher salts, et cetera.

I am so excited about being organized and whenever I go to find a tablet to put into the dishwasher or clean something, it has just been so much easier already. I hope you like this video. I heard a quote that said that what you’re under-the-sink looks like is a reflection of what inside your head looks like. So now inside my head should be looking all very organized and clear. But anyway, I will be sharing more organizational videos soon. So thank you so much for watching. Bye!


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