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Possible Causes of Leaking Water Heaters

Imagine relaxing at home and you suddenly realize water all over the floor or coming from the ceiling. It could be as a result of a burst or leaking water heater. Leaking water heater causes water damage, and it is a leading source of water damage in homes. A leaky water heater can be a scary scenario. It leaves you wondering what to do or how to handle the damage. Fortunately, you can prevent this frightening situation by understanding the causes.

Rust Accumulation

A build-up of rust is a leading cause of a leaking water heater. Many water heaters are made of steel. Since steel is often iron and iron rusts, then your water heater is prone to rust. However, water heaters have a safeguard known as anode rode that protects the system from rusting. Unfortunately, the anode rode wears out over time and leaves your water heater susceptible to rust. Call for a water heater repair gloucester va to replace the safeguard as soon as you notice rusty brown color in your water.

Sediment Accumulation

Minerals from hard water settle at the bottom of the tank in your water heater over time. The sediment insulates the water from the burner. Consequently, your water heater overheats and deteriorates the tank. Your water heater could be leaking due to sediment accumulation if you have noticed knocking and popping noise.

Air Pressure

Your water heater’s tank experiences air pressure build-up due to too high temperature. Air pressure can also build up when the pressure from the exterior water is too intense. It is a primary cause of leaky water heaters. You can prevent the build-up of air pressure by not setting your water heater t0 120-125 degrees.

You may easily forget to do all these maintenance tasks. That is why it is advisable to contact an experienced professional for the maintenance tasks. You need to call an expert if you have not inspected your water heater in the past year to avoid leaks and water heater bursts.

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