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Car windshield Maintenance

The rainy season caused the windshield should be cleaned diligent to stay comfortable. Windshield is dirty and moldy may interfere with the view while driving. Caring for auto glass is slightly different from caring for the car body. Windshield should not be polished as often as we polish the car body, as if too often polished, and thin layers of glass can make the glass to lose its anti-UV coating factory default, and extreme glass can be fragile and easily breakable.

Of course we do not want this to happen, for that we should be more diligent in caring for our windshield. Windshield so that we avoid the fungus, we must be diligent in wiping dry the glass by using a chamois cloth every time the car runs out of rain. For maximum results, after a wipe with a chamois, repeat using a microfiber cloth that perfectly clear. Do not allow water or dirt stuck to the glass for too long.

If we find our car in a dirty and we did not get to wash the car, time to wipe the glass-glass only. Mushrooms are stuck in the paint that can be lost more often polished (in a way that has been mentioned in previous blog), but not so with the fungus on the glass, so it’s better to prevent mildew diligently wiping the glass. If the glass was already filled with mushrooms, there is no other way than to bring your car to a salon to clean the glass from the mold, once again I remind you, do not be too often putting your car windows in the salon. Brush up on your own at home is also not very advisable because of polishing the windshield higher degree of difficulty of polishing the body. If you make a mistake, you just may be a ‘blind’ while driving because of the glass should be clear to opaque due to errors in polish.

The next tips that I want to give is the way our treatment ‘play’ wipers for windshield or rear window equipped with wipers can be more durable. First, do occasionally move the wiper if the glass in a dry and dusty conditions. This can cause fine scratches (even rough) on your windshield, wiper rubber also be easily damaged and not as smooth as before. If your windshield is full of dust, if you want to clean it with a wiper, spray water / wiper fluid first so that the glass becomes slippery and the dust is not up to scratch the glass when the wiper is moved. Make sure the soap is mixed as directed on the package.

Finally, be diligent to wipe the rubber wiper with a chamois cloth to rubber wiper free of dust that can scratch the glass.

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