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How to make commercial landscaping easy and eye-catching

Well-maintained and eye-catching commercial landscaping isn’t that difficult to design and it pays dividends in both the short and long term. Professional landscaping can enhance your company’s public image and go a long way to enticing new clients and retain existing clients. The aesthetic appeal of beautifully maintained landscaping cannot be understated. It stands out starkly against buildings that are surrounded by a landscape that has lost its way, ending up dusty, muddy, unkempt and knee high in weeds. So how can you create landscaping that looks good and isn’t time-consuming to maintain?

Three keys to easy commercial landscaping

Beautiful landscaping doesn’t have to be costly or difficult, not if you keep the following three principles in mind: keep it simple, keep it well-maintained and keep it watered.

Keep it simple: Whilst your landscaping will differ depending on your business and the image you want to promote to the public, it should always be kept simple. Numerous pathways, grottos and garden beds might be aesthetically pleasing, but at the same time they create an enormous amount of work for the gardeners will need to maintain it. The simplest approach is to lay new turf and create swathes of fresh green grass that looks beautiful in the sunshine. You can add in a few trees, as these not only add to the ambiance, but are also an environmentally friendly strategy. However, if you just want a simple design for your Commerical Landscaping, then stay away from garden beds.

If you have large areas of ground to cover then make turf your priority with a few trees dotted around. If you just have small ribbons of ground along the verges that need to be covered, then you can still add turf, but mulch and native bushes are another option. Nothing fussy or needing to be heavily maintained. For example, hedges might look awesome when they are trimmed perfectly, but it’s a time consuming job. Stick to turf as your first port of call for small areas and bushes that don’t need trimming with much as a backup.

Keep it well-maintained: If you have a lot of turf it can be easily maintained with a ride-on mower and someone to keep the edges trimmed. Fertiliser and weed killer are also needed every now and again to keep the lawns looking healthy, but that’s not time-consuming. That’s all the general maintenance that’s required for lawns. If you have decided to have garden beds and flowers however, then you must keep them looking healthy, as dead plants don’t give a good first impression of your business. So you will need to hire a gardener to prune, trim, deadhead and replace the flowers as needed. Even though flowering plants will give your building and commercial landscaping a lift, these types of plants need regular care and maintenance, which is something that might not fit in with your plans.

Keep it watered: If at all possible, install water tanks so that you can use rainwater to keep your lawn looking healthy and green. It also pays to lay new turf that is drought tolerant, as this will stay green for much longer and use far less water.

With these three easy tips, your commercial landscaping will not only increase the monetary value of your property, but also its value in the eyes of your employees and customers.

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