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Planting Perennials in the Garden

Almost all flowering gardens do have perennials planted in them because of their blooms that can add beauty to any garden. Compared to annual plants that need to be replanted yearly, perennials die at the end of their season but will grow from the same roots come next year. Most people choose perennials because they are not that hard to grow or even maintain. The qualities of their blooms not to mention the profusion of colors they end up with are just a few reasons why they are favorites in many gardens.

If you are planning on adding perennials to your own garden, here are a few things you might want to know.

Perennials have different bloom time, culture as well as lifespan based on their types. There are some plants that can only live for a few years, or a lifetime just like peonies.

The soil used when planting perennials should be appropriate for their type. For example, primroses need soil that is rich in humus and has enough shade for it to survive. On the other hand, cushion spurge as well as threadleaf coreopsis need soil that has proper drainage as well as full sun in order to thrive.
There are some types of perennials that are satisfied in growing in small areas of the garden while others have the tendency to take over the garden. You should know which perennials need trimming during the summer and which ones are best left alone.
Check out books and magazines regarding perennials so you will know which types will work best for your location and soil type. You can even get ideas on how you will plant them in your yard for a much better look.

Another great source of information for perennials is your fellow gardener. Get tips and advice from your local gardener and see whether you can raise perennials in your space. Although there is no certainty that you will be successful with your plants, it wouldn’t hurt to try and the experience can help you out in the long run.

Perennials are great as borders or as island beds. You can plant them along your path or in islands to add more color to your blooming garden. The best part about perennials is that they will be there every year without you having to plant them again and again. Just make sure that you choose the right kind of perennials for your garden.

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