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The use of microcement in home renovation

Microcement is an ideal material that offers a wonderful modern look to your property – however without the practical limitations that using concrete may provide. It is a cement-based ornamental material which can be used very finely to stairs, walls, and floors.

Microcement, also called microconcrete, produces the most spectacular of finishes, regardless of being useful for home environments. It is actually striking and practical as an exterior and interior surface. Because microcement is really light and thin, it will produce the look of concrete on the surfaces that might usually not be strong enough to adopt concrete. Therefore it is possible to create the elegant, smooth, concrete look in a fantastic selection of areas and environments.

As a raw material, this can be mixed with either resin or water to produce a very flexible and durable surface. Due to its amazing bonding properties, it is usually installed on almost any under surface, such as tiles, composite timber, and existing concrete.

Microcement is installed by hand, which means there is no need for grout or joints lines. You may use microcement to produce an flawless, smooth floor – one which is not just stunning to view, but amazingly easy to maintain.

Find the contractor that can help you customize polish microcement in a broad selection of tones, colors and finishes. Microcement is extremely functional and practical. It is hygienic, and easy to clean, and compares quite well to some other materials for being stain free. It is also mould-free.
According to its formulation, microcement also offers anti slip properties – so that it is a safe surface. This is a perfect solution for seniors, families and also any environment which is regularly and heavily used.

Microcement produces an amazing neo-industrial look. You can also use it to cover items in your house like dining room tables – so that you can create signature pieces on your walls and floors.

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