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Reinventing the Wheel – How Heavy Duty Casters Can Save Time, Money and Workplace Injuries

Caster wheels are an essential equipment component that plays a crucial role In our modern, mobile society and is virtually anyplace where cumbersome machinery needs transport. Some of the more common items that contain casters include onboard aircraft food and beverage carts, popular mainstream and back-saving luggage wheels, hospital trays, and other vital mobile medical equipment such as gurneys, heart monitors, etc. Read on to learn about reinventing the wheel and how the correct quality and size-appropriate casters can (and do) save time, money, and even workplace injuries.

Size-Appropriate Casters Makes all the Difference

Utilizing quality and size-appropriate caster wheels can be a true lifesaver, rescuing workers from time-intensive, back-breaking work transporting certain types of machinery and other items that can weigh up to several tons and take an even more extended time frame to move. Transporting luggage from the airport terminal to the cargo area of an airplane, for example, requires heavy duty casters that can withstand an enormous amount of weight. Without the use of these specialty wheels, it would take much longer, extending the possibility and potential of workers comp claims from on-the-job injuries and costing employers time money as well, as the loss of valuable workers.

Advantages of High-Quality Caster Wheels

There are an enormous amount of advantages of high-quality caster wheels versus other subpar versions, including powering over and through debris and withstanding a ton of weight. These factors mean far fewer headaches for employers and a much better and more smooth experience for workers and consumers alike. Consider, for example, a shopping cart and the difference in maneuverability. Overall, a cart with high-quality caster wheels will inevitably hold up much better over time, even though it experiences the same wear and tear. People immediately know the difference between a shopping cart that pulls hard to one side, is difficult to push, or has a flat tire. On the other hand, the shopping cart that glides easily and swiftly down the aisles makes shopping a much better and more enjoyable experience. Especially true if you are shopping with small children.

Heavy Duty Casters and the Prevention of Back Injuries

Transporting heavy equipment without the aid of quality machinery containing heavy-duty casters can be perilous, putting the machine operator at risk of many types of injuries, most commonly debilitating back injuries that are detrimental to both the employee and employer.

There are many ways heavy-duty casters can save time, money, and workplace injuries.

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