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A beginner’s guide to container security

Are you trying to find the best ways to secure your shipping container and keep your items safe? Of course, you want your valuable belongings to reach the desired location safely. Therefore, it would be best to secure your shipping container before storing and transferring your items. But there is always the risk of theft, break-ins, and damages. To avoid these problems, you need a suitable and high-quality container and good ways to secure it. 


Padlocks are one of the ways that you can use to secure your storage container. Shutter padlocks are among the best; as the name suggests, they use the shutter mechanism to work. These Padlocks are made of hardened steel material. They have excellent quality and are very easy to use. You need to align the container loop with the padlock and slide it to shut. However, using the locks alone makes them prone to theft, but combining them with lockboxes will make them even safer. Thieves can cut the lock with their special tools. Therefore, you need to use lockboxes to make your locks more secure.


As mentioned before, you can use lockboxes alongside shutter padlocks. Doing this can provide high-level security to your containers and your shipments. Lockboxes are a smart way to secure your shipping container. It is almost impossible for thieves to cut Lockboxes because they are made of heavy-duty steel. This high-strength box provides an additional layer of security to padlocks and your containers, and they can keep your padlocks out of sight. It’s good for keeping the thieves away from the boxes. The lock mechanism is accessible from under the side of the box. It is very easy to install the lockbox even if you have not done it earlier. By using a combination of shutter padlock and lockbox, you can significantly increase the safety of your shipping containers.


Crossbar locks are designed specifically for container doors. They can provide an extra layer of security to your shipping containers and give more strength to the doors of the shipping boxes. In addition, these locks are resistant to bolt cutters and lockpicks.


An inner bolting device should be suited to the inside of the doors. The only way you can access the bolts is with the provided keys. Thieves cannot cut through the bolt. What’s unique about this locking mechanism is that it takes place inside the locking system. Adding this high-end security to your shipping containers can be very useful.



You can use an alarm system to secure your shipping container with the best security mechanisms. Alarm systems have motion sensors installed to create a noise of up to 300db. It’s really easy to hear it if someone tries to steal your cargo unit. Alarm systems can also send a text message immediately to the container owner or even the police if someone tries to steal or damage the container. They might be expensive but a great choice, especially when you have valuable merchandise stored in your shipping container. So, if you have valuable goods on the move, don’t forget to use this system.


If you keep containers on your property, then one of the best ways to protect them is to put them under security cameras’ intelligent surveillance. Intelligent cameras can instantly send a message to the owner’s phone and activate the alarm system. 


Fencing the area where you keep your containers is one of the ways you can secure your shipping container, but you need to check your local laws. In some places, you cannot use barbed wire for fencing. However, if there is no problem, you can easily fence around the area where you keep the containers. Also, fencing makes trespassing on your property a lot harder for thieves.


Containers and merchandise can get harmed while transferring from place to place, and that’s normal. However, you can safeguard yourself from charges if an accident occurs by getting suitable shipping container insurance. You can take insurance for the merchandise inside the container separately. If your cargo gets damaged in the accident, the insurance company will compensate you for the damages that happened to your goods.

By following these steps, you can keep your containers and cargo safe and secure and keep the thieves away. SHIPPING CONTAINERS

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