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Rewrite: Peanuts Pool Mosaics: You’re a Cool Pool Mosaic, Charlie Brown

We’re in for a scorcher this summer. Temperatures and electric bills are in the triple digits. Nothing feels the burn faster than tootsies hopping across the pavement. Don’t even think of going barefoot; you’ll regret it.

 How are you staying cool? Are you hiding inside with the fan blowing in your face? If so, you’re not alone. We all have one thing in common. We stumble through the door with sweat dripping off our foreheads, announcing, “Man! Is it ever hot out there!” like it’s front page news.

 Do you imagine that moment when you can stick your feet in the water and wiggle your toes? If you’re lucky enough to have a backyard pool, you’re in better shape than most. And it’s even better if Charlie Brown’s bunch is nearby.


Could Lucy be searching for lost mosaics?

Are you in need of therapy? For a nickel, Lucy will give you advice. She’s a psychologist, you see, and a good listener. Actually, she’s a bit of a know-it-all, but who cares? While the rest of us are figuring it out, Lucy always has the answer. Maybe she’ll prescribe a mosaic hunt for you.

Lucy isn’t the sweetest girl in the neighborhood. She’s arrogant, rude, and a regular Miss Bossy Britches. But while we might not want to be dressed down by her flapping mouth, she’s part of the gang. 

Known as a bully to Charlie Brown, Lucy is the one we’d all like to clobber. After all, who could be mean to Charlie Brown, everyone’s favorite boy next door? Maybe Lucy needs to cool off a little; after all, she’s roasting in the sun like the rest of us. But she’s not all bad; your Lucy pool mosaic will have you grinning and basking in your whimsical decor.


Go ahead and blink, but you’re not seeing things. That’s Linus in his swim trunks with his snorkeling gear at the bottom of the pool, looking for buried treasure. You see, Linus is a smart cookie. He knows a backyard opportunity when he sees it.

He could have stayed in his syndicated comic strip, but he’s sweltering like everybody else. So what could be better than a dip in the pool? Nothing. Not a thing. Nada.

Maybe he’s looking for Snoopy or his Peanuts gang. And why not? They’re the coolest kids under the cement sea. They know how to snorkel and the treasures they’ll find!

Mosaics have been around for over 5,000 years and are among the oldest art forms in history. Used to make images by connecting small pieces to make a whole, mosaics delight art lovers everywhere, including Peanuts fans.

Everyone needs that one level-headed friend, and Linus is it. When you need some balance, Linus has your back.

Think of Linus as the philosopher with a blankie. It’s not that he agrees with Lucy; it’s just that he remains peaceful and doesn’t make waves.

What do you suppose Linus is looking for with his snorkeling? Perhaps it’s the lost city of Atlantis or some china from the Titanic? If Linus is your favorite Peanuts character, you’re in the right pool. He’s hunting treasures, and when he’s finished, he’ll likely dry off with his blanket.


Then, of course, there’s Snoopy.

Snoopy is in his zone. As the Flying Ace, he jumps into the deep end of the pool. Better watch out: Snoopy’s suited up in his scuba gear. He’s sporting that mask while searching for pizza, and he’s hungry, so if you expect him to share, you’d best bring him some root beer. But first, time for a catnap on that famous red doghouse.

Perhaps no Peanuts character is adored as much as Snoopy. It’s no wonder: he’s a rascal. Let him pull one of his jokes, and he’ll break out in his famous happy dance. It goes without saying that Snoopy is an icon.

You can’t stay grumpy with 24 x 18 inches of Snoopy in your pool. Count on Snoopy to cheer you up. Think of him as your poolside greeter who makes everyone happy.

Though everyone has a favorite Peanuts character, we all share some traits with each of them. Snoopy’s non-verbal, but he gets his point across every time. We all feel “Bleh!” sometimes.

The benefits of owning a pool go beyond getting wet. The point is to jump in and enjoy the simple things in life: having fun, getting along with people, laughing, making new friends, relaxing, and being yourself. And your backyard pool is a great place to start.

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