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The most common issues with Boat Docks and their solution

Boat docks are very important for all boat owners or boat lovers. They have been considered to be one of the best multiple serving places, as other than serving many purpose of docking boats, they are also considered as a fantastic place to hold parties or hang out with your family members. Nevertheless, for all the enjoyment that a boat dock offers, it is also an undeniable fact that they may also create various issues. Oftentimes, these issues don’t bother you a lot, however on other situations; they might be a real pain in the head.

The Geese Are Coming

Nearly every time that you might have been to a boat dock, you might have noticed a particular kind of waste scattering there, adding mess greatly to the place. That waste is usually from the geese. Geese have a same interest with docks and you will definitely be a friend for most of them when you hang out at boat docks. Although we all love these winged-friends, the mess that they produce on boat docks is an issue that cannot be tolerated, because it not only enhances the beauty but is also harmful, because many people has slipped over this waste and then get injured.


For that reason, many dock owners are obligated to take actions in order to avoid geese from being able to run around on the boat docks. The most convenient way to keep the geese away from the boat dock is to install chain link fencing. However, you need to ensure that the boat dock’s vertical posts must be at least Eight feet in height. This can be done with dock extensions and once it is done you are able to attach a chain link fence on the vertical posts from end to end.

Nevertheless, you simply must leave a gap for your own passage. This chain link gate must be installed here but you need to ensure that the gap is not really wide for geese to slip through.

Extension Issues

A very common issue that boat dock owners encounter, or rather realize, is the insufficient loading and also unloading area . It is also one thing that this effort almost always dawns on them immediately after the dock has been installed. Then there are stressful efforts for making dock extensions in order that the dock can actually serve the function it is meant to.


Nevertheless, what a lot of people don’t realize is always that dock extensions are generally not easy to build. The very first hurdle is permission. Many cities, states and marinas have particular rules and regulations for the specific size of docks and also violating these can result in serious reprimands. Also, performing dock extension will require skills that most boat dock owners don’t have. So if you are living in Florida and need professionals to get the dock extension done properly you can check dock builders near you. You will find contractors near you at that site such as commercial and Residential Dock builders; boat lifts installers, seawall, home elevation, and other resources for waterfront properties.

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