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5 Signs You Need Professional Roof Repair

Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against the elements. Taking care of your roof can help prolong its lifespan and save you money on repairs.

However, not all roofs last forever, and paying attention to the signs of a need for professional roof repair is essential. This way, you can get it fixed before it’s too late and start saving money on your energy bills!

Shingles Are Missing or Damaged

Missing or damaged shingles are a surefire sign that your roof needs professional attention. They create open points through which water can enter your home and weaken the overall strength of your roof.

Curling and cupping shingles can indicate that your roof is aging or needs replacement. These damages typically occur due to poor attic ventilation, extended exposure to the elements, or improper shingle storage before installation.

You can also check for missing shingles by looking at the roof valleys. These areas are crucial for your roof’s ability to protect your home from water and ice.

Water Stains

When water stains appear on your ceiling, it shows a leak in your home. This can be a plumbing issue or a roof leak, and it’s best to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

Often, water stains are caused by condensation. This happens when excess frost accumulates in your attic and melts during the winter.

If you see stains on your ceiling, call a roofing company like Double C Roofing. These professionals will be able to determine the cause of the color and correct it. This will prevent future stains and protect your home from the elements.

High Heating Bills

If you’re paying more for your heating bills, you should have a professional look at your roof. A damaged or poorly insulated roof can cause air to leak out of the attic, leading to high energy bills.

As the weather gets colder, people across the country will be spending more to heat their homes this winter. The EIA predicts that electricity, natural gas and oil prices will rise in 2018.

But while rising fuel costs are certainly contributing to higher bills this year, several other factors are at play. Inflation, for instance, has been on Americans’ minds for a while.

Loose Flashing

If flashing is loose, beginning to come apart or pulling away from your roof, it could be a sign of damage. This can happen if the screws that anchor the flashing to the framing become loose or the metal wears away around the edge where the flashing was first locked in place.

Alternatively, it can be caused by soil movement. As the foundation of your home settles, it can cause the flashing to start coming loose.

If this is the case, repair the problem before it causes significant water damage and leaks. It can be done by unscrewing the screws that anchor you’re flashing to the framing and then screwing it back into place. If you need to become more familiar with this, you should contact a roofing professional to help you do the job correctly.

Damaged Gutters

Gutters are designed to direct water away from your home and foundation. When they aren’t working correctly, you can expect your home to suffer from severe damage.

  1.  Pooling Water on the Side of Your Gutter is a Sign of Clogged Gutters

When debris builds up in your gutters, it can cause rainwater to overflow onto the sides of the gutters and collect there for a prolonged period. This creates a buildup of pressure on your channels, which can eventually warp them.

  1.  Stains on Exterior or Interior Materials are a Sign of Clogged Gutters

If you notice any of these signs, a professional roof repair company must have your gutters looked at. They can assess your channels and recommend the best way to fix or replace them.

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