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When does it become impossible to get a Party Wall Award after the construction work has already begun?

In the event that someone plans to begin building on or around a party wall, a Party Wall Notice is required to be delivered to the neighbours who will be impacted. This is a legal procedure that should be followed to prevent any Party Wall Act Controversy from being brought before a court at a later date. Jason Edworthy Party Wall Experts Birmingham

In this post, we will discuss how to properly serve a Party Wall Notice as well as the circumstances under which it is no longer possible to get a Party Wall Award.

How to Send a Notification About a Party Wall?

A neighbour who intends to continue construction work on a party wall or other relevant works that are covered by the Act is required to send a written Party Wall Notification to the other neighbour. Only once the receiving party has given their written consent to the notices and confirmed that they do not have any objections to the works being done can the construction work be considered to have begun. In that case, a dispute under the Party Wall Act is judged to have occurred.

When should a Party Wall Notification be Submitted?

It is necessary to send a Party Wall Notification between one and two months before the building work is scheduled to begin. In the event that excavation is to take place, a Party Wall Notice must be delivered to the neighbouring party. This notice must specify the work that is going to occur with appropriate detail drawings.

When is it too late to send a Party Wall Notice? when does the deadline expire?

Before building work may commence, the Party Wall Notification must be delivered between one and two months in advance.

In the event that the neighbour or neighbours do not react, the case will need to be settled by appointing Surveyors, one for each party because a Party Wall Act Dispute has been found to have taken place. They are going to do a survey of both buildings and then draught a Party Wall Agreement.

In accordance with the Party Wall Act Compensation, a person may be held liable for litigation expenses if they fail to serve the Party Wall Notice and then begin construction without first obtaining consent or a Party Wall Award. In this scenario, the person could be held responsible for these costs. After the building work has proceeded quite a bit, the Adjoining Owner’s responsibility to prove that any damage was pre-existing may be transferred to the Building Owner in certain circumstances. This can happen when the construction work has reached a certain point.

How Much Time Will It Take To Draft The Agreement For Party Walls?

The preparation of the Party Wall Agreement might take anywhere from three to six weeks. If the essential information is not produced when it is needed, the process can occasionally take up to two months to complete. Both parties have a total of 14 days from the time the Award is served to appeal the decision to the county court. In the first case, a person should contact a reputable surveyor who is capable of serving proper party wall notices to their neighbours so that they may avoid any disputes regarding the party wall agreement.

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